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Slow going with TTM

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I just recently started the whole TTM life style and I must say it's slow going. I often wonder if I am not doing it correctly. I see some of the guys that I sent to have great success and fast but yet I don't get them back. I know you have to just sit back and wait.....but I worry. I just wonder if the letter of request that I send isn't what I should send. I also find it hard to find someone that is willing to help as well.

Well I guess I will just continue doing what I am doing hoping that it


  1. acratertocoffin's Avatar
    Unless it's an old timer who nobody sends to, a lot of them aren't going to even read the LOC in my experience. I sent out like 12 cards for my first group and didn't hear anything in a month. I started to think I had wasted my time. Then one day I came home to 5 returns. There's definitely days when I think I'm never going to get another return but then 2 days later you get a great return and your faith is restored. The key for me is to keep sending stuff out to make your returns more frequent. I swear, half of this hobby is patience.
  2. autographs2010's Avatar
    I have sent out over 2000 requests in my lifetime with about a 60% success rate. I will help you out any way I can. Send me a direct message with your email address and I will tell you what I do and how I do things. Thanks
  3. buddyg13's Avatar
    Thank you both for your response. I know its all a waiting game.............and I need to be patient. Sometimes that isn't a strong suit of mine which i know isn't a good thing well doing TTM
  4. WIsportsfan19's Avatar
    I have also just started collecting TTM. Send me a message and maybe we can bounce some ideas off of each other. I have tried a few different things as I get started. I began by trying a couple "slam dunks" to build my confidence. But I also wonder if I'm doing things right. It's been tough to find good advice from someone with experience. I've got about 40 TTM's going out for spring training so we will see what happens.
  5. RealBrianD's Avatar
    you definitely gotta have a ton of patience for this hobby lol...there are times that i figure my item is just gone, and suddenly 6 months later it comes back. i cant even explain it! for example, when i first started (its only been about 6 months) i sent a card out to Dustin Ackley. everything i seen was saying itd be back in about 3 just never showed. Figuring it was a goner, i forgot all about it. 2 days ago it finally came back, 6 months later lol...You gotta sit back, have faith, and keep sending out. I started out with the "sure things" just to kinda build confidence, figure out what to do/say etc. I managed to get Doerr, Shantz, Erskine, Richardson all on balls. I know have a list of 30 guys to send to for Spring Training with my first 3 going out today. I sent ROMLBs to Tommy Lasorda, Clayton Kershaw ( definitely need patience for him. Ive seen returns take over a YEAR!- but if it comes back, its well worth it) and Michael Wacha(my 2nd attempt to get him- first came back RTS during the playoffs)...I have learned to never give up hope. Theres no way to know whats going on with your item, so you gotta just have faith. If it takes longer than you expect, just forget all about it. That way if and when it comes back, youre totally stoked! i mailed out a Zdeno Chara card taking a chance. 8 months later, voila! its sitting in my mail box. I have a fairly solid success rate myself, but alot of that is because i went after the sure things in the beginning. im sure im gonna lose some items along the way, and lose some money as well. I typically only send baseballs, so it gets quite pricey each failure. But im addicted to this hobby, i totally love it. If i lose a ball, it makes me more determined to get a success next time. I wish you the best of luck man, and if there is anything i can do to help you, im more than willing. I remember feeling overwhelmed at first myself. Its lonely, its isolating, it sucks. But i started taking more chances, speaking out, and found that quite a few people are willing to help, you just gotta ask. Dont be afraid to blog, dont be afraid to comment on peoples posts. The more you put yourself out there, the more people see your name commonly pop up, the more willing they are to talk to u...Feel free to send me a DM man, ask whatever you wanna know. Ill share my tips, give you advice, give you addresses, whatever you need. This hobby is all about helping each other. Ive never understood the guys that act like these addresses are some kinda golden treasure. We're all collectors, no point in hoarding valuable addresses lol...but yeah man, best of luck, hope it gets better for ya. Dont get discouraged no matter what. Good luck bro!
  6. buddyg13's Avatar
    Thank you all for your imput......I will be sure to keep on plugging away at the TTM hobby. I am just sending out cards with the hopes of sending 8 x 10's, balls, or other items, but I figure cards is a good start not a big risk or waste of money. But I will be sure to hit you guys up if I have any questions thanks again to you all!

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