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A Teen's Jounrey Through Collecting Autographs

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April 17th-24th 2014
This week of April was a really good one for me. I received the 17th Claude Osteen, Lindy McDaniel, Jim Perry, and Bob Dandridge [signed in pen]. Received a RTS of Clyde Lovelette but it had the other address which I sent the next time. Also got a Jim Dickson autographed index card from Ebay that same day.
On the 18th I received a RTS for Cazzie Russell, that was two RTS in a row, bummer. They said there was no person by that name there, so I tried it now people know not to send there.
The 21st I received Jim Davenport back, took awhile, but got it nonetheless. Signed a 1961 Post baseball card.
The 22nd I received Keith Van Horn, he lives only an hour and a half from me, so it was a no brainer to get a pretty good former basketball player.
The 24th I received my second baseball HOFer Jim Bunning, pretty cool, I know just about everyone has him, but I like it. He signed a 1964 Topps.

All in all a good week in April :)