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A Teen's Journey Through Collecting Autographs

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May 1st-7th 2014
My first TTM in May was Calvin "Pokey" Reese, he signed both of the cards I sent him, even though I offered 1. May 3rd I got back Dan Majerle although he didn't send back with my protector, luckily it wasn't damaged. Scott Hamilton the ice skater sent back my card back really fast. I gave it to my mom for Mother's Day since she likes Scotty Hamilton. and finally Greg Gagne who inscribed it with John 3:16. The fifth I receved this time as a success Clyde Lovellette. He personalized it on a 2002-03 UD Generations card. Very cool successes, look forward to more coming.

I also bought from Ebay two ttms of Mickey Vernon and an index card of Jimmy King.

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