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The Last Lap

Some Thoughts On Speedweeks to this point

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Well havent posted a blog in a while-idk who even reads these haha-hope someone does. Its Friday the 13th LOL-so time to look back at the week thats been.

Bud Shootout-Saturday Night:

Kevin Harvick won with a last lap pass just like in 07-anyone coulda won it-GREAT race-people shoulda been watching! Idk what happened to my guy Carl's car-he was leading after the first 25 laps and then decided to go nap in the middle of the pack lol-hes not exactly the best at RP racing lol.

Lots of wrecks in this one-Robby Gordon caused one and Michael Waltrip was one-SHOCKER!!! .

Sunday Qualifying: Truex got the pole-but i was happy for Mark Martin-old dudes got a chance now!!

Wednesday practice-Michael Waltrip in another wreck-SHOCKER!

Thursday-Duels-two great races with Gordo and Idiot winning 1 and 2 respectively-Gordo and Stewart put on a great race in #1 and Logano impressed me bigtime-4th place!

#2-Mark Martin and Vickers had a real chance but Mark didnt push the issue-lettin idiot win-LAME. Carl got 8th-i was just glad he didnt wad it up like he usually does here LOL.

Friday-today! Bodine proceeds to take out half of his competition and then wins the race-typical cueball maneuver-all the Bodines are dirty drivers-BOO. I was hopin Idiot would take him out but all he did was bump him-WTH? Seem to have no problem running over everyone else-why not cueball? GAH! It was a good race nonetheless-that one crash scared me-weve now had 2 pretty nasty wrecks this speedweeks-the one with Sheltra in the Arca race was bad too.

Anyways-looking forward to Nationwide and the Daytona 500 tomorrow-all you other sports fans should watch-at least the last 20 laps-its awesome!!! Enjoy the race!!