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I am new to collecting and I need some advice.

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I have always been a baseball card collector. I have boxes and boxes of them. It wasn't till recently that I learned about ttm signatures. Now I really want to start collecting. Right now, my cards are in storage and I won't be able to get to them till later next week. So, I was wondering, does anyone know any e-mail addresses of pro athletes or coaches? If you do it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  1. Greengoblin782's Avatar
    You should check out the TTM Manager. You can search for particular players/coaches by sport.
  2. CliffAnderson92's Avatar
    Yep, check out the TTM Manager, thousands of address's for TTM, email, and website contact information. That's where I get most of my info from, good luck collecting, and please post your success's/failures there too