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The Last Lap

Another Nascar Survey

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Before I start-I give reasons for my answers-it drives me nuts on surveys when people dont explain the almighty important-why? LOL-I do.

Nascar Driver Favorites

Who is Your Favorite Veteran? Its gotta be Mark Martin-hes still good, he works hard, and hes respectful.

Who is Your Favorite Rookie for 2009? Well its between Lagano and Scott Speed-idk-I like Speed for his brashness-definitely different-hes cocky-dont see much of that anymore.

Who is Your Favorite Driver Currently? Obviously Carl Edwards-DUH!!-for explanation go read my other blogs LOL.

Which Driver is Your All-Time Favorite? I really think Carl is now-Ricky Rudd used to be. Again go read other blogs for explanation.

Which 3 Drivers do you always pull for every week? CARL!, Mark Martin, anyone that beats Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch because i cant stand them.

Commentator Stuff:

Best commentator on the fox broadcast? Well Mike Joy is the best play by play guy in the sport today-DW can be annoying but he really does love the sport-its evident.

Best commentator on the ESPN broadcast? Rusty Wallace....j/k haha-he stinks. I like Andy Petree-he seems to be on top of it more than them other doofs.

Best Pit Reporter? Steve Byrnes-no contest.

Either or:

Dale Jr or Gordon-Ill say Junior-although Gordon has grown on me as he gets old haha-Jrs fans drive me nuts though-seriously people...

Rusty or Dale Jarrett-never a big fan of either-Ill say Rusty as a driver cause he had some classic post race interviews, DJ as a commentator cause Rusty stinks at it like my dirty pizza work shoes stink.

Dale SR or Mark Martin-Mark Martin for sure-classic underdog, drove a Ford, and a nice guy-I hated Dale SR-of course after he died though it left a void-i didnt have anybody to hate anymore on sunday and I was really sad and upset like everyone else was. Now Kyle Busch has come along and I have someone to root against again! YAY

Kasey Kahne or Truex Jr-Truex for the simple fact that hes believable and simple-Kasey is odd to me-idk-that and I think I know him more for commercials than race car driving now.

Denny Hamlin or Tony Stewart-I have a love/hate relationship with Stewart-I love that he will tell ya what he thinks-thats good-but sometimes hes wrong haha-and he makes himself look like a dork a lot-he can flat wheel a car though-Ill go with Smoke though-Denny is fine though for the most part.

Kyle Busch or Kurt Busch-seriously? do I have to pick one-gah. Kurt for the fact that he gave Jack a championship in 04-both are serious turds-lots of talent no doubt but the attitude gah-i hope everyone in Vegas dont act like little punk kids.

Kevin Harvick or Clint Bowyer-Bowyer-another midwestern guy-easy goin, just a cool cat-Harvick is another I have a love/hate relationship to-love him for speakin his mind-but he can be a real you know what some of the time lol.

Carl Edwards or Jimmie Johnson-hah gee idk-CARL! Jimmie is so....dull. Even when he tries to not be-that and his team is good and his crew chief annoys me to all get out! Carl is believable-hes real-he plays the part of a corporate puppet yet maintains his personality and has the occasional blow up and flare for the drama-which is always enterataining-the most real guy in the garage this side of Tony Stewart lol.

Roush or Hendrick-Roush-Fords rule, Hendrick thinks hes got a monopoly now-and he dont-hes got 3 good drivers and one that sheep follow to make him merchandise money. LOL.

Childress or Gibbs-I like gibbs but I hate Kyle Busch haha-but Ill still go with him-hes a good leader of people.

Other Stuff:

Which Rule in Nascar Needs to be Changed? How about double file restarts all the time-and all qualifying should be heat races or duels like at daytona-like real racing at the local track does it-and if you cause a wreck-you go to tailend of longest line no matter what-just like at the local track. Id be jumpin up and down if they did this stuff.

In 2008, which win was the most impressive? Carl Edwards Bristol Night Race-did what he had to do to win-and he knocked my least favorite guy in the world outta the way to win it-but in all actuality it was the one he didnt win at Kansas that was the most impressive lol.

Who won the fall race at Dega-Stewart or Regan Smith-Smith won-Nascar wanted Stewart to win-so they interpreted the rules how they wanted to in order for it to happen-simple.

Who deserved the championship in 08? As much as I wanna say Carl i cant-Jimmie did-Carl screwed up at Dega-Jimmie screwed up...nowhere-simple as that.

Does Nascar Play Favorites-and if so-who?
Umm-thats a major YES. If any of you watched the 500 yesterday wasnt it obvious lol-Dale Jr Dale Jr Dale Jr. he gets them money, more ratings, more sheep for them to put in the pen. Stewart and Gordon also get favoritism as does JJ sometimes. big names get it-just as in other sports.

Who has the best Smile? Odd question haha-Carl smiles a lot-so I guess him haha.

Which Nascar Wife do you Like the Most? Umm-as far as looks or cool factor. Well-I like-Kate-Carls wife, Katie Kenseth, Crissie Newman, Nicole Biffle, Lynne Allmendinger, Amanda-Elliotts wife, and DeLana. the 2 premiere wifes in Nascar-Belgian Waffle and Chandelier do not appeal to me. LOLOL. (BTW-who was that girl with Denny yesterday-WOWZERS!)

Favorite Crew Chief? Bob Osbourne, Booty Barker.

Which Driver is an Underdog? Jamie McMurray-I think hes better than he gets credit for.

Which Driver is Overrated? DALE EARNHARDT JR-DUH. Carl and Kyle Busch have almost as many wins as he does in about 5 less yrs of competition and JJ has way more than he does in 3 less yrs of competition-its so obvious.

Like Green, White, Checkers? Absolutely. Wish theyd keep doing it until it was a green finish but I understand why they dont-specially at plate tracks-itd be a junk yard.

Most Memorable Races of 2008 for you? Fall Talladega (not a good memory), Fall Bristol, Kansas, Las Vegas, Michigan weekend in August.

2009 Champ? Cousin Carl and the Duck baby!

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