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Why all the fuss over Kris Bryant?

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The Chicago Cubs, as expected, sent top prospect Kris Bryant to minor league camp, and his next stop is likely Iowa for about 2 weeks, or so they say.

The Players Association, and Bryant's greedy agent, Scott "20 Mule Team" Boras, are crying foul. All they see is that Bryant led all players in HRs in spring training games in Arizona with 9, but, as others point out, he's committed 4 errors at 3rd base, and they want to test him in the outfield. Bryant hasn't said anything publicly, which leads one to believe that he really isn't all that concerned. He understands the business of the game. The Cubs, they say, are sending him down to save a year of service time so that Bryant, barring a future trade, doesn't become a free agent until after the 2021 season, instead of 2020, which would be the case if Bryant started the season in Chicago.

Boras doesn't like that, and has made no secret of his dislike of the system the Cubs and other teams have employed for years. He wants Bryant in Chicago now, so that 5 years from now, he can start planning on what he does best, fleecing teams interested in Bryant once he becomes a free agent. This man gave up his law practice to focus on being an agent/con artist 24/7/365, and while the players' union loves him, Joe Fan does not. His idea of a vicarious thrill is realizing the money he never made as a player by conning owners into overpaying for his clients based on past performances prior to the season before their walk years.

In the case of Bryant, Boras is ignoring his star client's defensive deficiencies, and that shouldn't be a surprise. A geek like Boras has looked the other way with former clients making bad decisions (i.e. Alex Rodriguez), and is only interested in what makes the money the best. He wants to be JG Wentworth, wanting his money now, but he'd be better served trying out for a role if Disney decides to do an Uncle Scrooge movie. The Beagle Boys wouldn't be that hard to cast.

In other words, to sum things up, a four letter acronym describes the message I have for Boras and anyone who thinks he's right. . Do us a favor, Boras. Go away. You're scarring Bryant for life with this tripe.


  1. OGLESBYC's Avatar
    I couldn't have said it better myself. Only thing that worries me is boris is his agent and when his contract is up bryant will demand a huge premium.
  2. hobbyfan's Avatar
    I'm not so sure it's really the player asking for the extra cheddar, especially with a dirtbag like Boras misrepresenting him. I keep thinking the agent inflates the numbers in order to feather his own nest, exploiting his clients and fleecing owners is what Boras does best.
  3. bigherp's Avatar
    An agent trying to get the max amount of money for his client...what a terrible guy...all jokes aside his job is to be ruthless and take teams for all they have.
  4. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Ruthless? Get real. Boras has had a bad rep IMPO from the get-go, ever since he convinced JD Drew he shouldn't sign with Philadelphia, I believe it was, for whatever reason, in favor of St. Louis.

    If I was 30 years younger, in better shape, and in line to be drafted, I wouldn't want him representing me. I'd make him eat his gold cards.
  5. andrewhoya's Avatar
    Bryant seems very level headed..kind of Trout-esque. Definitely not a repeat of Harper. Like you said, I think he's fine with it and understands the decision.
  6. sorklora's Avatar
    The concern is not playing one of their potential superstars for three weeks just to avoid a year of service lost. The Angels lost out on the playoffs when they kept Trout in minors for first few weeks. The issue is with MLB needing to revamp their service time requirements so that star prospects are held back.
  7. hobbyfan's Avatar
    While adjustments in MLB's policies are likely, and mostly enabled by Boras Badenov himself, you don't hear any complaining in other media capitals such as, say New York, but then, the Yankees & Mets are both doing fairly well to start the season, especially the surprising Mets.

    We live in an age of instant gratification, mostly among fans and/or greedy agents. Common sense, as employed by the Cubs, makes more sense no matter what.

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