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In the end, it amounts to nothing

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In hindsight, the NFL went after the wrong guy, and lost.

Judge Richard Berman, no relation to ESPN's Chris Berman (we think), overturned the 4 game suspension issued to New England Patriots QB Tom "Crybaby" Brady, which means trouble for the rest of the league. Crybaby will play with a bigger chip on his shoulder than usual when it all starts to count in a week's time vs. Pittsburgh.

Ted Wells' report didn't exactly indict Brady for his involvement, such as it is, in "DeflateGate", and the Patriots had already punished their designated sacrificial lambs before things spiraled out of control. The NFL, however, wanted more, in order to appease fans in 30 other cities who felt the Patriots should've been punished. They went after Brady, the face of the franchise, but they went after the wrong guy. If they wanted to punish Brady, it shouldn't have come to this at all, but a retroactive punishment for previously not disciplining him for a post-game temper tantrum that aired live on ESPN after a 2013 loss to Carolina. among other things.

Coach Bill Belichick claimed he had 0 do to with any of this, and it seems he's right about that. You had two low level assistants, looking to give their team an unfair advantage, they got busted, and I believe both were dismissed by the team. Like I said, sacrificial lambs.

So, then, who should the NFL have gone after? Probably owner Bob Kraft, since it's his team that's breaking rules with impunity, and until now, immune from discipline because of Kraft's standing with the league. It ends as yet another black eye for the league, because of the protracted, prolonged botch.

If the league couldn't provide concrete evidence that Crybaby had anything to do with this, they should've dropped the focus on him and turned their attention elsewhere. Since Kraft has to be held accountable for his employees' actions while "on the clock", if you will, and he's already washed his hands of the two clowns, he still has to take the punishment, which, rightfully, should be:

Kraft: Suspended from his committee(s) for 1 year.
Patriots: No draft picks for 2 years. Forfeiture of Super Bowl 49, the AFC East title, and conference title. Reduction of 2015-6 home games to 4 games per year, which this year would mean moving next week's game vs. Pittsburgh to Heinz Field and letting Seattle have the Thursday opener. Home games would be vs. Miami, Buffalo, the Jets, and Jacksonville.

Instead, it's an embarrassment to the entire league. The other shoe will drop when Roger Goodell is forced out after another scandal is botched within the next year or two.

I have made a point the last couple of years of not watching Patriots games because I lost respect for them a long time ago. I'll find something else to do next Thursday. I don't think Crybaby's going back to the Super Bowl next February, anyway. He'll get his on the field. Where it belongs.


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  1. Tadasbub's Avatar
    Haters will hate...

    If you are feeling so strongly about Patriots, they must be doing something right.
  2. hobbyfan's Avatar
    None are so blind as those who can't see the reality of it all.
  3. Tadasbub's Avatar
    Oh yes, the "reality" of sports.

    It is called sports business. Business needs to make money. You are the customer. Customer needs to be attached somehow to the player, the team, the league. The only way to get your financial commitment is to force your emotional response. In that way they are selling you your own emotions. Some buy winning, some buy underdog story, others will buy hating. You seem to be very much on the hating bandwagon. Just looking at your post it is pure emotion. If NFL manages to extract that emotion from more fans, it wins. More haters - win! More lovers - win! More excitement - win! More disappointment - win! The only thing it does not want you to feel is nothing.

    I can not hate player, especially one that wins, because he obviously is doing something very well which would make me hate him. But I can hate the way some players play, when they are bad even on the team that I support.

    Gosh, "Crybaby" (you really should start naming him Crybrady if you are so fixated on it) is a generational talent playing for probably best coach ever. Enjoy it, and when the next one comes enjoy that too. Yes, I admit I support New England, but I really could care less whose balls are inflated more or who is stealing signals or who is taking PEDs. I want them all to be caught and punished, but without proof there is no guilt, sorry. And you calling players names and being upset about something that is "obvious", but unproven is not enough to administer punishment. There are so many things in this story that are obvious and wrong, but the legal system does not work that way - you need proof and obviously there is/was not enough.

    Also any modern and legitimate legal system operates on an idea that punishments should be proportionate to the gravity of the crime, a principle of practical importance. Look at your proposed punishment and think if allegedly underinflating balls is proportionate to it. There has to be basis and precedent to the punishment, but most important - cold hard proof of a crime before you start passing judgement.
  4. hobbyfan's Avatar
    When you consider that the league has given Brady one free pass after another, including the tantrum in Charlotte, they owe it to the fan base and the rest of the league to correct such oversights. That is, supposedly, what they tried to do, and botched it badly.

    I'm not going to be watching Steelers-Puketriots tomorrow. I'll be at the NY-Penn League playoffs, thank you very much.
  5. rocketman818's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hobbyfan
    When you consider that the league has given Brady one free pass after another, including the tantrum in Charlotte, they owe it to the fan base and the rest of the league to correct such oversights. That is, supposedly, what they tried to do, and botched it badly.

    I'm not going to be watching Steelers-Puketriots tomorrow. I'll be at the NY-Penn League playoffs, thank you very much.
    Love the fact that you call Brady a crybaby when that is basically what you are. Very sad. Change your name to crybabyfan. Defintely a loser mentality. Enjoy your crappy Giants. Maybe that is why you cry so much. You already know your team stinks. What a loser!!! LOL. Losers got to cry. No doubt. Maybe Giants will make the playoffs this year. Okay sorry you know that is a lie. LOL.
  6. hobbyfan's Avatar
    As I said, didn't bother watching the game last night. Read about issues with the Steelers' coaches' headsets. You'd think that with the Pats facing greater scrutiny, none of this would happen.

    Not so bad a night. Valleycats season is over, Mets win again. I'm good.
  7. rocketman818's Avatar
    Again another ignorant comment. The headset use and functionality is controlled by the NFL!! LOL. Patriots have nothing to do with it. Pats headsets were having issues as well. You really need to know what your talking about before commenting. It really makes you look ignorant. Go Mets!! World series. Wait sorry that is a lie as well. :-(
  8. Smeagol's Avatar
    Well Hobbyfan, you missed a pretty good performance from Brady last night. Not one person mentioned how brilliant he played with a fully inflated football. Instead, they tried to bring up this headset nonsense, when they weren't working for either team.
    Also, stop mentioning Brady being upset after the Carolina game in 2013. He's not the first athlete to be angry at the end of a loss, and he won't be the last.
  9. hobbyfan's Avatar
    @rocketman818: I never said the Pats were responsible for the headset issues. An NFL spokesman said it was weather related. It rained in Foxborough as it did in my area. The point I tried to make was that this was the last thing the Patriots needed on opening night, to have something go wrong and have their critics blame them.

    @Smeagol: So answer me one question. Why wasn't Brady fined for cursing out a game official? ESPN cameras picked up this incident, and the network was barely able to bleep out a pair of F-bombs.
  10. 888rocket888's Avatar
    hobbyfan. You implied it by your statement otherwise why mention it unless your implying somebody was up to something. You said "Read about issues with the Steelers' coaches' headsets. You'd think that with the Pats facing greater scrutiny, none of this would happen" None of this would happen????? You can't control something weather related. You can only control something if your actually DOING something. Yet you say none of this would happen. I think we all realize your a patriot hater. I have no problem with people supporting their own teams and disliking other teams but when your biased comments are outright wrong and never based in anything factual then that is what I never understand. People cry so much and complain so much about the patriots. Wanting to take away the superbowl victory. LOL Yet they never see the wrong in their own teams or other teams.
  11. 888rocket888's Avatar
    [B]Spygate (2001) [IMG][/IMG][URL=""]to top ⤴[/URL][URL=""]home ⇐[/URL][URL=""]awards ⤵[/URL][/B]

    [B]TEAM:[/B] The New York Giants

    [B]SUMMARY: [/B] In early 2001, a column from the Toronto Globe and Mail included an item alleging that the Giants were under suspicion from the NFL for eavesdropping on conversations between the offensive staffs and quarterbacks of the Eagles and Vikings during their 2001 playoff victories. No league or team source was quoted and no specific violation was cited. The original article is no longer available, but is [URL=""]referenced here[/URL] as well as in [URL=""]other[/URL] places [URL=""]online[/URL]. According to the Globe and Mail, there were serious allegations running through the league that the New York Giants cheated in the playoffs by intercepting radio transmissions. According to the report, the concerns were brought to the attention of NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue after the Eagles claimed that the Giants were able to listen to the plays being sent via radio from coaches to their quarterback, Donovan McNabb. When the Giants heard the plays, they set up their defense accordingly with hand signals. Apparently similar allegations were being expressed by the Minnesota Vikings after being dominated by the Giants in their game.
    According to the report, the NFL was feverishly trying to keep the issue quiet, what with the Giants having qualified for the Super Bowl [COLOR=red][[B]Ed. Note:[/B] Wait, what??? The NFL used to try to [URL=""]protect the integrity[/URL] of Super Bowl participants???][/COLOR].
    [B]VICTIM:[/B] Philadelphia Eagles (Also the Minnesota Vikings)
    [B]PUNISHED?[/B] No but ... it's [B]more probable than not[/B] that this was cheating
    [B]PUNISHMENT: [/B]Unlike typical Spygate cases where public signals are being watched and/or recorded, this is real-deal spying as intercepting your opponent's private radio signals is clearly illegal, forbidden and cheating. If this would have been proven, it would have easily been a 5.0-camera cheat and would have elevated to the top tier of the [URL=""]all time biggest NFL cheats[/URL]. Luckily for the Giants, it never was.
    Updated 09-12-2015 at 02:00 PM by 888rocket888
  12. 888rocket888's Avatar
    Just pointing out the hypocrits out there that love to blame others and honestly think their teams are choir boys. Please. Give it a break.
  13. hobbyfan's Avatar
    The allegations against the Giants, mind you, were never reported in the media. In fact, this is the first that I've read of this. Allow me to remind that in the 2000-1 playoffs, if availed the Giants naught, since they lost the Super Bowl to Baltimore.

    Not very sporting of you, 888rocket888, by running this piece three times in a row in the same posting.
  14. 888rocket888's Avatar
    Never reported? I just showed you a news story where it was. Maybe it was covered up by the NFL. And to say it did not help the Giants since they lost? LOL Okay. Just like brady doing better in the 2nd half with properly inflated footballs. Just shows it didn't help him either. People just want to believe what they want to believe. More hypocrisy. Oh it didn't help my team since they lost but your team won so it had to have helped them. What is with these little kid arguments? And since I cut and pasted the story it got pasted 3 times some how. There was no other intent. Of course you won't believe that either. LOL
  15. 888rocket888's Avatar
    Oh and I love hobbyfan's argument about Brady not being fined for cursing out a game official. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! Brady should get in trouble over that? You would think Brady was the first person to ever swear at a ref. I bet it goes on every game. How many NFL film episodes do you see where the coach or some player is swearing and they bleep it out. It happens. Stop treating the NFL like it is little league. Blame ESPN for not having a delay to catch that. It is their fault not Brady's but jealous people see what they want to see. LOL.
  16. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Players have been fined for "referee abuse", so why give Brady a free pass? Because of who he is? Exactly. As I've noted repeatedly, ESPN's censors were fortunate to bleep the two F-bombs. It sticks out because he was never disciplined for doing something that would never have been brought up to light if it wasn't caught on camera. If it's out of camera range, it's a non-issue. Period.
  17. 888rocket888's Avatar
    Saying the call was fking brutal is referee abuse? LOL. They picked up a flag in the end zone. Of course brady was pissed. Antonio brown tweeted a picture with the words fking refs in it and was never fined. Marshawn lynch dropped an expletive on media day and wasn't fined for it. People swear all the time and don't get in trouble. Your mad at brady because he swore in the heat of the moment at the end of a controversial game he thought was stolen from him. LOL. Again. You see what you want to see. I still rather have brady than Eli manning. LOL What a goober. Nice 1st game Eli. LOL. Better hang on to those lucky superbowl wins. You probably will never get another one.
  18. hobbyfan's Avatar
    As I wrote when I first commented on the Carolina game in 2013, had the game been in Foxborough, the end result would've gone the other way, because that's how it is. Brady fuming after the game painted the picture of a spoiled, artificially entitled, bratty prima donna who has degenerated into an immature punk this deep into his career. He's now 16 seasons in. Teams win & lose all the time, but if you buy into the propaganda & rhetoric from Patriot Nation, you'd think losing's a sin.

    BTW, I watched the end of Cowboys-Giants. That's filed under Santayana, since Romo had done this to Big Blue before, and Manning earned a Dunce Cap with the brain fart in the 4th quarter. That's just how it is. After seeing Atlanta dismantle Philadelphia the next night, I don't like the Giants' chances in their home opener.
  19. rocketman818's Avatar
    We are going to have to agree to disagree on this matter. In fact Brady has been more than graceful in both Super Bowl losses to the Giants. Admitting they played better and deserved to win even though he very well may have feel just as robbed by some lucky catches. The Carolina game was different as one ref actually threw a flag and it was picked up. Brady didn't make the ref throw the flag. The ref that threw it saw a penalty but was overruled. Brady as I pointed out with the Super Bowl losses and almost any loss in general Brady gives credit to the other team. The Carolina game was a unique circumstance where Brady felt the referees made a bad that call the cost the Pats the game. And you act like Brady never gets punished. Brady was fined 10k for a slide that hit Ed reed. Why didn't the nfl just let it go? Because the nfl felt it was justified.
  20. rocketman818's Avatar
    I also get tired of the notion of Brady being entitled. A 6th round draft choice that had to fight for everything he got. Brady has repeatedly taken less money than he is worth so the team could use the money to make the TEAM better. You want to talk entitled I give you the Manning family. Both Eli and Peyton were number 1 picks coming from a football father and always feel entitled. Eli wants to be the highest paid quarterback in the league? Excuse me. Hey Eli. You have a 259-185 TD to Int ratio. You have been to the playoffs 5 times in 11yrs. What a joke. Never mind the fact you didn't want to go to San Diego the team that drafted you. Entitled maybe?
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