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Nikki Bella should not be a champion

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I don't watch WWE much anymore. Repetitive, stale, tired storylines. An owner who's out of touch with reality refusing to let his miracle worker son-in-law take over and work the same magic he's created in NXT. Need I go on? Well, I have to.

For all of the praise heaped on Triple H for his work in retooling NXT down in Florida, he's forced to play the role his father-in-law, Vince McMahon, should've retired long ago, that of the evil, corrupt administrator, a storyline role that should've been retired permanently after Vince was shuffled off-stage 4 years ago at the least. But, no. Ignorant of the fact that ratings are not where they should be, and won't be for the next 3 1/2 months now that we're in football season, McMahon refuses to move the company forward.

One problem is his petty, vindictive nature. Take for example the sham of a "divas" champion in Nikki Bella, who should've been stripped of the championship prior to last night for either of the following reasons:

1. Lack of title defenses. Uncreative does this to some of the male mid-card champions as well, booking them more in non-title or tag team matches when they can't think of a worthy challenger, or the champion, in this case, a desert bimbo like Nikki, is unwilling (some say) to drop the title, and has a high-profile boyfriend (John Cena in this case) to back her up. Blame that on Total Divas, which Vince would rather push to the moon at the risk of further exposing the business.

2. Repeated interference. From what I read of last night's show, they used the "Dusty Finish" to cover a repeat of what happened vs. Paige at Money in the Bank 3 months ago. In both cases, Nikki's twin sister Brie ate the pin when she rightfully should've been thrown out of the arena. However, that's not the way Vince wants to do things. The "twin magic" is stale and tired, like virtually every other heel ream that's been played to death the last few years. The 70-year old McMahon doesn't have the creative genius he once had, but his presence backstage, along with his houseboy, Kevin Dunn (executive producer), is what's stifling any attempt at pushing the company forward into the 21st century.

So now Nikki must defend her ill-gained title again vs. Charlotte on Sunday at Night of Champions, and can't rely on either Brie or Alicia Fox or anyone else to help her, because a countout or a DQ will cost her the title. She's still got the belt because McMahon wanted to erase AJ Lee, who left the company 5 months ago, from the record book. That's the petty, vindictive part of the equation.

This is how it should've gone down.

Stephanie comes out after the match, but instead of announcing the reverse decision herself, she confers with the match ref and stooges off the twins. Nikki is stripped of the championship, retroactive to June due to Nikki's "refusal to defend the title in a timely manner", and a battle royal replaces the singles match on Sunday. However, that battle royal will commence without the twins, since they will be suspended for 90 days for misconduct. That would allow Brie to return home to nursemaid husband Daniel Bryan back to full health, and I'm sure they could find something else for Nikki to do, since uncreative can't get her over as anything but a cheat.

By that same token, by the way, men's world champ Seth Rollins, due to his repeated use of interference, should also have been stripped of his belt(s), since uncreative stripped him of credibility and dignity, and should be forced to job twice on Sunday as punishment. Another indy star misused by McMahon just out of spite. For all of Rollins' talent, he's been made to look weak, like a spoiled child, as champion.

Also, one last thought. I'd retire that butterfly shaped Divas belt, introduced on TV 7 years ago by the long-since-departed from the company Vicki Guerrero, and reintroduce the women's title. The Divas belt is really only a marketing tool at worst. I've said for what seems like forever that Vince needs to retire before his mind completely betrays and abandons him. Unfortunately, he won't listen to reason, because, well, how do you reason with a madman?

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