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Anyone tired of Rex Ryan yet? LOL

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Just a comment on Rex Ryan and the all around joke of a head coach he is. Rex loves to talk but guess what Rex "You stink as a head coach!!" Doesn't want to kiss Belichick's rings but seriously be professional and learn some humility. Rex will never change and never learn. You poke the bear and the bear beat the crap out of you. If anyone watched his press conference you could see his issues. He said he takes it "personally". LOL. If you walk up to someone and hit them in the face and each time they beat the crap out of you here is a tip. STOP DOING THAT!!! Rather than give the patriots credit. Rex makes it all about him. Hey Rex. RB's name is Dion Lewis. Rex still says something stupid that he still doesn't know his name and like that is the reason they lost. Hey Rex. It is one of the reasons!!!!! LOL Rex said it was going to be Blount not the kid lewis. Wrong!!! Someone needs to step in and make Rex tone down his rhetoric. It doesn't do his team any good.

And lastly to the fans in Buffalo. It is okay to support your team but you also got what you asked for. I can only imagine if Buffalo had won all the crap they would be saying. I know if the Patriots had lost they would have given credit to Rex Ryan and all the Buffalo players. Belichick has been shutting down Buffalo for ever. He helped devise the defense that took out Jim Kelly's Bills in the superbowl.


  1. hobbyfan's Avatar
    As Jets fans found out very quickly, Rex's act can get tired after a while, and I found it amusing that on NFL Pick 'Em on Yahoo! last week, the sheet had the Pats as the underdogs, even though the betting lines in the papers had New England as a 1 point road favorite. That made the pick an easy call, as I went with the Evil Empire, who will get another cupcake at home next in Jacksonville, although the Jags beat Miami, but then, there's a disease of ineptitude going around some supposed playoff contenders these days (i.e. Miami, Giants, Philly), so we'll probably see the "real" Jags get blown out.

    @rocketman818, explain something to me. With runners like Dion Lewis (from my home area) and LeGarrette Blount, why is Brady hogging the stat sheet? Didn't see Bills-Pats, didn't have to, didn't want to, didn't need to, but from what I read, it seems as though the offense was slanted in one direction. What happened to using the run to set up the pass, or vice versa? I knew Brady would do something like this, but not this quick.

    Also, work on your punctuation, dude.
  2. rocketman818's Avatar
    Sorry didn't realize this blog on a card site was getting graded but thanks for the tip. I will put that tip with the rest of your "informed" comments in the trash. Haha. Hobbyfan your showing again why you shouldn't be commenting on the Pats. The perception is not the reality. Your really need help in this area. The Pats run or pass depending on the matchup. It has nothing to do with stats. In the AFC championship game Blount scored 3 td's and ran the ball 30 times. In the game against INDY earlier in the year Jonas gray had 4 rushing TD's. Why would this be? Shouldn't Brady have passed the ball if he was such a hog? Because Indy CAN'T STOP THE RUN! Why did the Pats and Brady pass the ball so much in the superbowl? It was the best way to neutralize the pass run of Seattle. You don't seem to understand football at all. This is a passing league.

    Your also saying the Pats get another cupcake. First they can only play who is on the schedule. Is Pittsburgh a cupcake team? You said another cupcake so Buffalo I guess stinks in your mind. Probably won't win another game. Such ignorant opinions and comments. You show time and time again you know nothing about football. Is it my fault your Giants are pathetic? LOL. Go cry about your own team and leave the winners alone. LOL.

    And lastly your complaining about NFL pickem on Yahoo!! Really. Haha. What does that have anything to do with the Pats. Some dumb intern probably makes those picks and posts them. And if you believe Las Vegas odds a 1 point road favorite means the game is close. They don't place lines like that for cupcake teams. Another idiot view and comment by you. Any other bright comments. I love shooting you down. Aren't you tired of it yet?
  3. hobbyfan's Avatar
    No, I think it might've been an error on whomever is in charge of the SCF Pick 'Em board. I wasn't complaining, though. I just noted that it just looked wrong. BTW, why didn't the Pats hang on to Jonas Gray, anyway?
  4. rocketman818's Avatar
    And to use some FACTS to back up my argument. Let's look at a full years worth of stats and see where Brady the stat hog ranks. We will use last year as an example. Passing yards Brady was 10th (Eli 6th). Passing attempts Brady was 10th (Eli 6th). Passes completed Brady was 9th (Eli 7th). Brady also threw for more TD's than Eli even though as you can see he had less attempts. Eli also 8th in Interceptions. Brady not even in top 10. Haha. Hobbyfan again your a hypocrite. Your so blinded by your haterade drinking you can't even see that your very own quarterback is worse than Brady in everything your complaining about.
  5. rocketman818's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hobbyfan
    No, I think it might've been an error on whomever is in charge of the SCF Pick 'Em board. I wasn't complaining, though. I just noted that it just looked wrong. BTW, why didn't the Pats hang on to Jonas Gray, anyway?
    Because he was a short term solution but as you can see we have better backs. He is on the practice squad of Miami now.
  6. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Practice squad because Joe "Don't call me Regis" Philbin doesn't know the depth of Gray's talent, despite what Gray did for NE last year vs. Miami. Small wonder Philbin's on the hot seat....!
  7. rocketman818's Avatar
    More moronic comments from hobbyfan. Should we expect anything different? LOL Gray was able to sign with ANY team. You think he wants to be on the practice squad if he could start for another team. Nobody else came knocking. You should really stop commenting. We are all dumber for having to read it
  8. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Now who's wearing blinders? I'm saying that Gray should be starting for Miami if Philbin had a freakin' clue. Short term solution, my butt. If Gray is activated when Miami plays the Patriots, he could help the Dolphins win, and it's on Belichick for letting him go.
  9. rocketman818's Avatar
    Yes I am sure Belichick is not sleeping at night because Jonas Gray is going to start for the Dolphins. LOL. Again you don't answer my point. Any team including the Giants could have had Gray but they choose not to sign him when he was released. That's right. All the teams are dumber than you are. Let me think should I trust the superbowl coach with 4 rings with the patriots or a loser fan who knows absolutely nothing about football when it comes to a released player? I think I will go with the winner Belichick and not the loser hobbyfan. LOL.
  10. rocketman818's Avatar
    Rooting for the Giants against Buffalo this past weekend and Giants actually came through. LOL. So tired of loudmouth Rex.
  11. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Well, in Rex's case, it's like father, like son. Buddy was full of bluster when he was a head coach, too, but with Rex working in NY, everything he says/does is micro-analyzed. Buffalo is already on thin ice. Losing every other week won't encourage the fan base.

    BTW, it looks like the Pats will get another tomato can on Sunday. Dallas is 0-2 since Robozo went down, soon to be 0-3.
  12. rocketman818's Avatar
    I actually think Rex is a good defensive coach. I just don't like his bravado. He talks way too much. It is like someone constently saying they are going to beat you over and over again and when it doesn't happen there is always an excuse. Even when Rex admits he was outcoached he still needs to talk. He cries constently. Crying the pats were running up the score..LOL. Rex Ryan is so jealous of the Patriots and Bill Belichick it is not funny. He admitted he liked Eli Manning because he was able to beat the Patriots twice in the Superbowl. LOL. Even in a contest that has nothing to do with the Patriots he has to include them in the conversation. Can someone say Pats are in his head?

    And BTW when you say the Pats get another tomato can I hope your not saying the Pats get it easy with the schedule. Look at every independent strength of schedule ranking and both the pats and giants are in the middle of the schedule. Pats don't control who they play but if your saying Pats have it easy then so do the Giants. You get to play the same tomato can in week 7. Giants will probably win the NFC east. Washington is pathetic, Philly is Pathetic and even you just called the Cowboys a tomato can. LOL. See how things are......
  13. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Going into the season, the only "tomato cans" that I saw on New England's calendar were Jacksonville and Washington. Dallas has fallen to "tomato can" level due to the injuries to Robozo & Bryant. Giants have lost 5 in a row to Dallas, don't want to make it 6, but karma's always working against them at the wrong time. You might as well rebrand Miami as a "tomato can", too, having lost 3 in a row to cost "Cuppa" Joe Philbin his job, and Brady gets to toy with them twice.
  14. rocketman818's Avatar
    I guess buffalo got tired of Rex. LOL

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