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It's never easy in New York

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If for some strange reason the Mets don't reach the World Series, much less get out of the Division Series (likely vs. the Dodgers), don't be hating and blaming it on manager Terry Collins and GM Sandy Alderson. There's only one real candidate for blame, and that is the greediest piece of human flotsam there is. Scott "20 Mule Team" Boras.

About three or four weeks ago, Boras whined in the press about Mets ace Matt Harvey, one of his bazillion clients (read: brainwashed boobs), approaching an innings limit, and demanding that Harvey be shut down once he reached that limit. He claims it has nothing to do with the debacle surrounding another of his clients, Washington's Stephen Strasburg, 3 years ago. The Nationals were knocked out in the NLDS as a result, despite the yeoman effort of Ross Detwiler, who replaced Strasburg in the rotation. Boras is blowing a lot of hot air in regards to innings limits. It's all about down the road with this scum. He wants to pimp his clients out for free agency later, when he can fleece other teams and continue to count his ill-gained fortune. He lives vicariously through those clients to realize the money he never made in the bigs, but that act has gone stale.

I haven't forgotten how he fleeced the Yankees with Kevin Brown a few years back. Brown was on the downside of his career, and Boras still tricked the Yanks into overpaying for him. Need I also add the ginormous contract he scammed out of Tom Hicks in Texas for A-Roid (Alex Rodriguez)?

The bottom line: Boras also plays his clients for fools, like Harvey, Strasburg, etc., selling them a bunch of lies to get them on board. They buy into his rhetoric, and there's no stopping him from adding other patsies. Or is there?

The Players Association doesn't mind, as long as he makes their membership rich, but you have to believe some owners are already tiring of Boras' act, and might consider taking action. What he's doing amounts to a glorified shell game that only he wins. If I was 30 years younger and in better shape, and this piece of trash tried to sign me as a client, I'd give him some advice, courtesy of The Rock:


I wouldn't give him the time of day.

And, then, there is the curse that comes with the commercials Giants QB Eli Manning has done for Toyota and DirecTV in recent years. Part of the reason Eli ain't playing well the first two weeks of the season isn't so much issues with the offense, but that he's, well, distracted by the endorsement deals and the idiotic commercials he's done the last few years, one of the few exceptions being the Oreo ads he did with his brother, Peyton. While the Jets are 2-0, the Giants are 0-2, but these two teams will meet again this season, and by then, things could change, although personally, at this point, I doubt it. I don't know who Eli's agent is, if it ain't his dad, Archie, but whomever it is needs to get a freakin' clue and let his prize client focus on job 1, winning games.

Is it career regression, 12 seasons in? Perhaps, but he's had these fits of regression since winning his 2nd Super Bowl. The micro-scrutinizing by the NY tabloid press ain't helping, either. You have to remember the Giants don't have Victor Cruz ready to play yet, and that's another part of the problem. Part of the issue, team-wide, methinks, is psychological. We'll see starting Thursday when they play the Washington "Congressionals" if this changes. If not, it doesn't mean the season is lost, contrary to one headline on Monday. Not with the division as weak as it is.

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  1. rocketman818's Avatar
    Oh I have to respond to this crap by hobbyfan. LOL. Complaining about Boras? Haha. Boras is doing exactly what he needs to do for his client. Look out for them. His job is to get them the highest salary possible and keep them from getting hurt if he thinks they are putting themselves in danger. If someone told you that you could have Matt Harvey for the rest of the year but he may hurt himself again to the point that he will never be the same player you would say let's go for it. You say that because you don't care about the player. Your argument for Boras tricking teams. Haha. Are these teams little kids? They make adult decisions and if they don't work out they don't work out. Nobody is making them sign the player.

    Lastly Eli Manning. Commercials is the issue? LOL Wow talk about reaching. Peyton has no problem doing tons of commercials over the course of his career and it doesn't seem to affect him. Yes Eli is not Peyton. He never was and never will be. He is simply not that good a quarterback. He is average and that is exactly how he is playing. You then say the tabloids don't help. Haha. What else could it be? The weather? As I repeatedly point out Eli asked to go to NY and if he didn't like it he could have left after his first contract expired. So commercials or the media or no victor cruz whatever the excuse might be. You will have to realize that Eli is just not as good as other quarterbacks. You need to face it. Eli has never been a leader. He is a lost follower.
  2. andrewhoya's Avatar
    Totally agree with you about Boras. He is total scum, and it pains me that so many players are linked to him.
  3. rocketman818's Avatar
    I can understand why people don't like Boras because it doesn't benefit the teams you support but that is his job. He is trying to make the most money for his clients and put them in the best financial situation. Players have mouths and they can TELL their agent to do exactly what they want. Jason Varitek had boras as an agent. He told him do whatever you need to but at the end of the day I am not leaving the Red Sox. If Scott Boras was such a bad agent it would get out and players would not go to him. There are lots of players that stay exactly where they want to and money is not always the driving force. Bernie Williams had scott boras as an agent and even though the Red sox offered him more money to come he stayed with NY for less. So maybe it is these players really WANT the most money and don't want to stay with the team they are currently on. Fans just see the player leaving like he is a little 5yr old being taken to first grade for the first time and has no say in it. You guys need to grow up and see that baseball is a business. The players, owners and agents see it but most fans don't. I see it for exactly how it is. This is the real world people. Not little league.
  4. hobbyfan's Avatar
    @rocketman818: You're not getting the picture. Boras has fleeced the owners time and again in order to feather his own nest because he feels he could've been a major player if he wasn't injured in the minors. The sad irony is that he was a lawyer, closed his firm to concentrate on his sports agent business, which is legalized fraud, IMPO.

    @andrewhoya: Until players from high school on up figure out what kind of con artist Boras really is, they and their families will still buy into his shell games, and his power will grow along with his greed.
  5. rocketman818's Avatar
    Pass on the uninformed opinions. Yes mom and dad. Don't let your sons sign with Scott Boras as he will only get them more money than almost any other agent. I love how hobbyfan again says Boras fleeces the owners. Owners and their sports management teams are smart people. Your problem is the amount they are getting paid. If the owners don't want to pay it they won't. You keep treating all the owners and players like they are babies. They are all grown men that are capable of making their own decisions. Hey all baseball owners and players. You should listen to hobbyfan because he thinks he is smarter than all of you.

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