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Shipping and more excuses

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Here's another gem from one of our favorite pet peeves. Shipping ripoffs.

I win 5 cards from a guy's auction and he charges me $6.25 CDN for shipping. He lives in Canada just like me and he uses a $1.80 stamp and throws two cards in T/L's and the rest loose in a cut up bubble mailer. I send him a message stating that I'm not happy with the lousy shipping when he is charging so much. He isn't even smart enough to know we are in Canada (although the postage used were CDN stamps not US - probably just more excuses). Here are the two replies I got from this guy plus our responses

"Sorry if your un happy with the way I ship, but shipping to
US is very different, if I would have needed to use a
bigger package it would have doubled the cost, i try to be
reasonable on this site its not like ebay. if i make a
couple dollars on shipping customers shouldnt complain,
half the time they get cards for a quarter anyway. But
sorry again, but my shipping charges wont change. Thanks
for your purchase"

My reply - I'm in CANADA. I charge $3.70 to ship five cards auction style and they all come in sleeves, NEW T/Ls and a team bag plus bubble mailer. Mail is based on size and weight and whether you use a 4 x 6 or 6 x 10 bubble mailer doesn't matter it is still $1.80. Been doing this a long time and I'm pretty sure I have Canada Post down to an art by now. Ebay, Sportlots, Amazon, it makes no difference ripping people off on shipping is wrong and what they pay for cards even if it is a quarter is wrong too. Smart buyers shouldn't get punished by overpaying on shipping. PERIOD. Sorry but negative feedback will be left then.

His reply "You say you been doing this for awhile then you should
take into consideration that there's it takes time to
package and get cards ready, toploaders are not free
either, if all your cards were not in top loaders sorry
its because I ran out, it also cost gas to drive to the
post office, you got about 100 in bv worth of cards for
about 15.00 I dont see the problem, ive spent 6 and 7
dollars for shipping and new it only cost a couple bucks
to ship, ive never had anyone complain, you seen the cost
of shipping before you bid, this is not my fault thats
yours, leaving me bad feedback really doesnt make sense
if your happy with the cards, i try to get it removed
because My fee for shipping was stated before you bought
sorry you were not happy but im not giving my stuff away
for free, please never bid again."

My reply - You either don't sell a lot or you sell to a lot of idiots. Feedback is a transaction based response not a cards only one and the book value of the cards compared to what we won them for shouldn't matter. If you are going to charge premium shipping rates (which yours is compared to ours) than at least try to ship as such. Loose cards in a team bag is unacceptable. If you don't have the proper materials or think selling cards is a job and you need to be paid for your time, gas and such perhaps you should get out of it and stop ruining the hobby for honest sellers. You won't need to worry about us bidding again as we won't.

Now I didn't leave negative feedback (can't because no claim filed) for this guy but I did leave neutral feedback. This is the type of seller that eBay changed their shipping policy for and started charging fees to all of us on shipping because too many greedy people tried to circumvent low selling prices and charging stupid amounts for shipping. Those who charge a reasonable amount for shipping got screwed because of greed. PERIOD. END OF STORY



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