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Baseball graded auto cards & baseball auto cards & baseball game used car

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I'm looking to sell every card that's shown-And I have a couple hundred rookie cards to go along with these-And what ever more I find in baseball cards I'm also going to add in-I do know that ive got some piles of inserts and star cards-I'm getting out of baseball and only going to collect football now-I used to do a lot of baseball when the kids were here-But they moved on and so am I---
So EVERYTHING THATS SHOWN YOU ARE GOING TO BE GETTING---You can make me a cash offer Or even a offer in football rookie auto cards-I'm only at this time looking for some 2015 football auto rookie cards-But if you have something of Tom Bradys RC or of his auto that would be great-I'm also looking for some Magic The Gathering Rare cards for the grandkids-