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TTM Success #1: Former Patriots Offtensive Tackle Bruce Armstrong

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I sent a 1989 Score card, handwritten letter, and SASE. I received an autographed 1989 Score card! He inscribed "#78" Only 9 days! This is my first TTM success! Thank you so much Mr. Armstrong!

Updated 01-24-2016 at 03:47 PM by JeffFMcCormack

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  1. CliffAnderson92's Avatar
    Congratulations! I've been getting TTM autographs for more than 3 years, and it's still always very exciting to open my mailbox and see an SASE return with an autographed card inside.
  2. scottkoz20's Avatar
  3. Trevor44's Avatar
    Yes I agree it's extremely fun and I have gotten my favorite cards from it because it adds a personal element. Congrats!