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The Last Lap

California Auto Club 500 Post Race Thoughts...

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Well....snoozer of a race as usual-nothing out of the ordinary for the worst track in Nascar.

Matt Kenseth won..AGAIN! WTH!!! He hasnt won in a yr and the a magic switch comes on-Gordon got 2nd-best hes done in a while. And everyones new favorite racing god Kylie got 3rd.

Biff got 4th-shoulda won-he had the best car and blew it on pit lane.

Nothin really stood out for me this race except for the fact that Carls car was a piece of dog meat. It seriously sucked-they better never bring it back to the track-7th place when his teammates all had a shot to win is rediculous-If i was Carl id be pissed-that car was downright awful-he tried everything-high, low, apron, nothin worked-he just sat in 7th the whole night-inexcusable-hes better than that and so is the team-if they dont bring a better car to Vegas next week im gonna be PO'd!!!

I know most of you are sayin 7th isnt bad and respectable but theres no reason why Carl shouldnt be in the top 5 and contend for every win every week on the intermediate tracks-what a joke.

Congrats Matt..again-seriously WTH is goin on. IDK lol. Werid start to the season-and one of the most boring races of all time-Can someone bomb California pleez? This track is stinky poo.

Lets go to Vegas-an actual race track next week.


  1. Shayne1911's Avatar
    He just had a bad day. It happens to every driver.