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The Last Lap

I Wanna Talk About Me!

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haha-im not that egomaniacal but welcome to my blog.


Stephen Taylor aka Race Crazy
Age 20
Location: Chugiak, AK
Junior at UAA-major-English

Best Friends:

you guys might know them as the resident Munchkins lol-Ashley and Shayne.

My Collecting Interests:

Carl Edwards
Carl Edwards
and...Carl Edwards


I could be a dork and say cause hes the man and better than everyone else (Junior fans listening? LOLOL j/k)

In truth-I saw him race a piece of junk truck for an underfunded team in the truck series in 2002-I was impressed-then Roush hired him and quickly I was cheering on the dude with the dorky braces and the never give up attitude-I didnt know hed turn into this megastar-I just liked his personality haha-then of course along came a backflip and a ripped body and a breakout 2005 season in Busch and Cup-and now my lonely driver with the goofy braces is a household name-odd how that worked out but saying im a huge fan is an understatement lol. Anyways-thats the story on my collecting passion.

Previous to that id always been in the hobby-just collecting basketball cards along with racing cards-my dad got me into it and hes built up our old ricky rudd collection quite nicely to almost 900 cards. I was a huge Rudd fan growing up-in part because the bright orange tide car caught my age 5 eyes in a stare at the TV and from then on ive watched every race since 1993 lol.

Other Things:

I love pizza
I love Nascar history
I love the show Wind Tunnel
Talladega is my favorite track
I think I live too far away from everything
Losing weight is hard LOL
I always need more money
I like basketball and football as well
My first concert was Megadeth last year
Im a Metalhead as far as music goes
I love argueing with people about racing

Ive been to 2 nascar tracks-Daytona and Michigan

Ive met exactly 2 famous racing personalities-Chris Economaki and Donny Schatz

Ive been around the track in a stock car-in 2004 at Michigan-we averaged 159 mph and hit 180 on the straights.

The bragging portion of my blog LOL:

I once beat Denny Hamlin in an online race in Nascar Racing 2003

I was a Go-kart racer from 1996 to 2004:
1998 North Dakota Regional Champ: YAY me!

I loved racing for real-ill do it again someday-and its too much fun not to haha.

If you couldnt tell by my name i just kinda enjoy motorsports-haha. Its my #1 passion in life behind friends and family. Nascar and Carl Edwards are the best!!! But thats not where my racing limitations stop-i love it all-NHRA, Indy Cars, Sprint Cars, Formula 1, Sports cars, Rolex Series, Le Mans, etc etc etc etc-get it haha! Im race crazy!

My blogs most of the time-yeah theyll focus on the sport i most love-but that wont mean you wont find me talking about other sports or other things-in fact far from it-ill blab about all sorts of fun stuff-and maybe ruffle a few feathers along the way.
So Ill tend to post a lot-i get bored easy-and this will be more fun than homework-so enjoy everyone.

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  1. ashley832's Avatar
    That pretty much summarizes eveeything about
  2. battingseventh's Avatar
    lol had a great time with your blog keep it up I'll be back to smile again
  3. Shayne1911's Avatar
    hahaha. ruffle some feathers. that made me laugh.

    boo for beating denny :)