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I will disagree with you. As the talent level of Elvis Grbac is not above Trent Dilfer so the team did not upgrade their qb situation as you mentioned.

Also, that was the first qb ever to be resigned after winning a super bowl. Any one knows it is a a team sport but why break up something that works? I assume better talent has been out there over other Super Bowl champs qb's hence teams would upgrade their qb situation. None have never done it so I truly doubt your logic or it would be done more often.

Thanks for the reply Don, I appreciate it.

However, firstly, the Elvis Grbac and Trent Dilfer situation actually proves my point perfectly.

The Ravens had just went 10-1 and won the SuperBowl with Trent Dilfer ... however in those 11 games he had only thrown for a measly 2,092 yards (190 yards per game) and had a rating of 76.6 in the regular season.

Elvis Grbac was coming off a season in which his team had a losing record but one in which he himself threw for 4,169 yards (278 yards per game) in just 15 games and had an 89.9 rating.

The Ravens, despite winning the Super Bowl with Dilfer, who won 11 out of 12 games during a magical run DUMPED DILFER for the more prolific Elvis Grbac who was viewed as a much better passer and a guy who could have 300 yard games and not need to be carried by the Ravens amazing defense.

Of course the experiment failed and Grbac would go on to play just one more year of football and have a worse passer rating than even Dilfer had the year prior ... but this example proves my point perfectly as even the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens were willing to dump a QB that had just went 11-1 and brought them their first ever title for a guy that had just had a much better statistical year in a LOSING cause ...

Secondly, the NFL is not like the NBA ... players, especially franchise QBs rarely change teams. If a team has a franchise guy, odds are that guy will stay with the team for the length of his contract and maybe even the majority of his career, unlike in the NBA where guys are traded all the time and stars hit free agency regularly, as in the NBA the players have a great deal more power than in the NFL.

Secondly, if the Chiefs win the SuperBowl this year but Alex Smith is on an expiring contract and Aaron Rodgers just happens to hit free agency at the same time, you better believe the Chiefs would offer the house to A-Rod and not care one iota about retaining Alex Smith! In fact, Kansas City is another perfect current example ... Alex Smith has been a great leader and lockerroom guy in KC for years and I understand they have won the 2nd most games of any team in the NFL (next to the dynastic Patriots) since he's been there ... however last spring when they had the chance to draft a QB with more talent than Smith in Patrick Mahomes, they did just that!

Lazy media narratives just drive me crazy and I hate hearing "wins" talked about as if they are a QB stat like yards, TDs or completion percentage ... it's absurd. I hate hearing Steven A Smith saying such and such a QB couldn't even beat another QB ... as if those two QBs were playing a game of one-on-one football ... it's just such a lazy narrative and utterly idiotic.

There is zero difference between evaluating an NFL QB and an NCAA QB ... wins mean next to nothing!

No GM in their right mind would look at the NFL today and say, "I think if I can sign Joe Flacco or Derek Carr, I'll sign Flacco because he's won 4 games this year and Carr has only won 3 ... or ... if Jay Cutler and Jameis Winston are available, I'll sign Cutler because he's won 4 games and Winston has only won 2". Such a GM would be immediately branded as a literal moron, fired from his job and never re-hired by any team as long as he lived!

Yet the media, believing fans are incapable of logical thought, continues to peddle lazy and absurd narratives about "wins" being a QB stat ... I hate it.


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