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Scott Boras doesn't get it, and probably never will

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There are still some top level free agents waiting to be signed, but teams are, at best, hesitant about making any commitments. If those players, such as Carlos Gonzalez, Jake Arietta, and Mike Moustakas, wonder why, all they need do is check their speed dials for the culprit.

The owners, it seems, are tired of being fleeced by their agent/con artist, Scott Boras, who reportedly is advising Moustakas to hold out until after the entry draft in June, and thinks deals for Arietta and others are just a phone call away. Maybe they are, but Boras needs to understand that it's time to stop playing the shell game. Everyone knows he cons teams into overpaying his clients to help his bottom line, since he lives vicariously through them the same way La Loudmouth (LaVar Ball) lives through his sons, making the money he never made as a player. The time for that ended a looooooong time ago, but try telling that to Boras, dubbed the "Avenging Agent" by NY Daily News columnist Bill Madden, who thinks his irrational way of negotiating still works. Given that the regular season is just three weeks away as I write this, and the likes of Arietta and Moustakas are still on the shelf, and J. D. Martinez, another Boras drone, is just settling in with Boston, you'd think Boras would finally get a clue.

He won't. He's as stubborn as the day is long. He doesn't care about his clients, just his own wallet. If he actually cared, he'd have tried to stop Alex Rodriguez, for example, from ruining his reputation with his PED obsession. But, no, Boras, and other leeches like him, look the other way, as long as they get their money. Being that Boras is also a lawyer, you'd think he'd have tried to advise A-Roid (now with Fox AND ESPN) away from the PED's. Nope. The figures Boras tosses out to try to fleece potential "landing sites" for his clients are probably the product of his caffeine-filled hot air balloon of a brain.

The bottom line is this. As long as he keeps giving his clients bad advice just so he can fleece teams, Scott Boras is going to keep playing his con game, and baseball owners are going to stonewall him like this. To the players, I say, wake up. You have brains of your own. Use them. Stop letting this ambulance chasing scammer ruin your careers for his benefit. That includes his clients on the Mets, by the way (i.e. Matt Harvey). It's time to shut the con down. For good!

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  1. bakemeister52's Avatar
    Very well said, Mr Boras, hopefully your time to make the big big money off of your clients is slowing down. The players need to go back to the old days when you need your own talking. He has taken the excitement out of Baseball to me. Players go where the all mighty dollar is not loyalty to a team. Owners need to not play Mr Boras's game.
  2. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Since I wrote this, Gonzalez has reupped with Colorado, and Moustakas likewise with KC, each for 1 year. If they're stupid enough not to blame Boras for this, they have no clue what is wrong with the business.
  3. WizardofOz1982's Avatar
    I don't get the Boras hate. He's paid a considerable amount of money that depends on how much money his clients make. He is very good at that usually. Owners stonewalling Boras has little to do with this situation this year. The fact of the matter is that this free agent class sucks. Martinez and Darvish were the two best Free Agents and neither one is close to a top 10 player in the league but they both wanted top 10 money. Throw in the fact that all the teams that usually spend big were diving under the cap this year so they could make a run at Harper, Kershaw, and Machado next year and you get a very bad year in which to be a free agent.
  4. 10braves's Avatar
    The free agents want top money when they know they are not top players, but Boras tells them what they want to hear and not the truth which is basically why players have signed smaller contracts hoping that they can get ,the all mighty $$$ next season
  5. WizardofOz1982's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 10braves
    The free agents want top money when they know they are not top players, but Boras tells them what they want to hear and not the truth which is basically why players have signed smaller contracts hoping that they can get ,the all mighty $$$ next season

    Historically teams have rewarded the top free agents in a bad free agent class with a big contract because they were the best player available. That's dumb business practice but it was still the practice historically so why expect any different? The owner's changing it up threw everyone for a loop I think.
    Updated 03-17-2018 at 10:11 AM by WizardofOz1982
  6. hobbyfan's Avatar
    I keep hearing that certain players had bad seasons, then try to get top dollar as free agents, thanks largely to leeches like Boras feeding them misinformation on purpose. He's ignoring market trends on purpose. Sooner or later, this will finally bite him so hard in his wallet that he may have no choice but to wake up, pay attention, and change the way he operates. Either that, or the MLBPA may have to decertify him.....
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