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Updates 7 (Part 1)

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Its been a long time. Now that schoolís out I can get back to this.

ďPeteĒ Brewster (1/28/19): Nice to see that he signed and added a few inscriptions, but it sucks he didnít answer my questions about Paul Brown. Oh well.

Cecil Souders (1/29/19): My new oldest person whoís signed for me!! Itís awesome that he sent me a sheet of paper that he signed twice!! Amazed I got 4 signatures from someone whoís 98! Great to see heís doing good.

Tony Dorsett (2/2/19): Wooo!! This is a big one!! Now Iím only 1 person away from completing my set of the HOF Class of Ď94!! Hopefully I can get Randy White to sign for me. Also, apparently heís charging $95 per autograph at the NSCC! Holy crap!!

Jack Ham (2/4/19): Nice! Apparently he doesnít sign often, so I must have caught him on a good day! I now have the full set of the HOF Class of Ď88 (I bought a Biletnikoff and Page)!!

Walter Jones (2/4/19): Cool! My little cousin is a huge Seahawks fan, and he was amazed that I got Walter Jones to sign a card he gave me! I can also tell that he did actually sign it because there is a fingerprint on the signature. Guess he didnít wanna wait for it to dry.

Del Shofner (2/4/19): If you are reading this one Mr. Shofner, I am very sorry I mistaked you for Deion Sanders. I initial all my envelopes and I forgot that I even sent a letter to you, so I saw ďDSĒ and thought ďDEION SANDERS?!?!Ē Donít worry, Deion didnít end up signing for me anyway :(. Iím sending a second one to him with a card this time so I donít mistake him for Deion.

Jason Taylor (2/5/19): Very cool!! My dad is a huge Dolphins fan, and I sent him a second card for my dad, but he didnít sign it. Probably because the card I sent for my dad was a chrome card. I guess he knows that chrome cards arenít good with autographs. At least he signed the Classics for me. Another Classics card for the collection!

Shane Conlan (2/7/19): Awesome!! My dad actually met him in a bar in Jamestown, NY, and he said that Shane was very nice. He even bought my dad a drink! Sucks I couldnít find a second card of him for my dad, but Iíll find one eventually.

Mark Brunell (2/8/19): Nice!! I used to be a Jaguars fan, and my mom actually has a picture of me as a toddler wearing a Brunell Jersey! I wish I could have found the picture so I could send him a copy, but at least I now have a Brunell autograph!! Especially on a Classics card!!!

Willie McGinest (2/11/19): Cool! Of course my uncle would taunt me for getting a Patriots playerís autograph even though he didnít care when I got Gino Cappelletti, who is in the Patriots Hall of Fame and has his number 20 retired by them!! My uncle is a 49ers fan.

Bob Griese (2/15/19): Amazing!!! Hriese was one of the early letters I sent out!! Back when I thought that sending football cards in 6x9 envelopes made sense. Thatís probably why Barry Sanders refuses to open my letter. Iím getting off track again. My dad was amazed that I got Griese to sign, especially on the day that we went to the Hall of Fame. Great thing to come back to!

Howard Twilley (2/16/19): Two Dolphins in a row?! Cool. Twilley is one of the 3 players I have paid to sign for me. The other two were Don Maynard and Len Dawson. Why did I pay him? Because he has the courtesy to answer my football questions BEFORE asking me for money. I have never seen that before! Very nice guy, he even sent me a SASE to mail the cash to him! I would recommend sending to him if youíre a Dolphins fan.

George W. Bush (2/21/19): Woah. This is insane!! A former President signed a 8x10 and sent me a whole letter back too!! I already have it framed next to my Marv Levy 8x10!

Bill Cowher (2/22/19): First Steelers success in a few weeks! Nice that he put a SBXL inscription, but it sucks that he didnít draw his favorite play on the index card as requested. Guess you have to pay him for that then. Maybe I can get Mike Holmgren to do that.

Cliff Branch (2/22/19): First Raiders success in a month!! I canít beleive I forgot to send him the Classics though!!! That was the card I sent to him in the first letter, but that one came back RTS.

Dave Robinson (2/25/19): WOOOOO!!!! First Lombardi Packer Iíve gotten in months!! He even added a HOF inscription, Jersey # inscription, and personalized it!! He also answered my questions about the Ice Bowl!! Thank you Dave Robinson, very cool!

Jerry Kramer (2/28/19): HOLY $h!t!! The second letter I ever sent out!! And he added a HOF inscription!!! I already got it framed with my Jerry Kramer 8x10 that was signed in silver at the 2018 NSCC.

Vince Papale (2/28/19): Nice!! I recently watched Invincible, and it was a cool movie. Apparently, he was actually in the movie as a backup in the Training Camp scene. I didnít know that. He also added ďDREAM BIGĒ. Very cool!

Mercury Morris (3/4/19): Cool! He sent me a 1997 UD Legends card AND a second index card! Apparently he had a long time friend also named Ian! Very nice guy!

Gary Collins (3/8/19): Nice! He also signed the index card I sent to him for my friend, and he told me that ďIan, most players are not going to sign and make orders for free!Ē Thanks Gary Collins. I got life advice from the 1964 NFL Championship Game MVP!

Jesse Freitas Sr. (3/8/19): Woo! My new oldest person whoís signed for me!! Heís older than Cecil Souders by about a month! He was one of the original 49ers, and he added a ď49ers 1946-Ď47Ē inscription! Very cool!

Phil Coyne (3/29/19): Yes, you do see the date right. I got absolutely nothing for 21 days. Thatís what I get for not mailing anything for a month. Also, ANOTHER new oldest person whoís signed for me! Heís 100 (101 now), as he put a ď100Ē inscription on my index card, and on the other index card he sent! He also sent me these cool info cards about the 1960 World Series, and apparently he signed the back of the index card I sent him, but I didnít even see it until a few days ago! Awesome for 100 (101) years old!!!

Bobby Beathard (3/29/19): Nice! I heard he is pretty Hit or Miss, so I caught him on a good day!! He signed both sides of my card and wrote me a little message on the index card I sent! Stinks he didnít put a HOF inscription? But then again he refuses to sign his HOF card for some reason, so maybe he doesnít want to do anything involving the HOF? I donít know.

Happy Feller (3/29/19): Epic! Yes, he is a Happy Feller. He told me on the bottom of the letter I wrote to him. Very funny!!

Jim Palmer (3/30/19): Woo! My 3rd baseball success! He only signed one of the 2 cards I sent, but is awesome that he Personalized the one he did sign! Awesome!!

Ed ďToo TallĒ Jones (4/1/19): One of the 3 successes from that day, I am floored by the result! For context, I sent him a 2017 Classics in July 2018. I sent him a 1989 Topps, and low and behold, when I opened the envelope the 2017 Classics was in there!!! The dude held onto my card since JULY!!!! If I send another card to him, I will make sure I pay him for holding onto my card for 10 months!!

Steve Atwater (4/1/19): Nice. Cool that I finally got him after 2 failed attempts (Both RTS). Also, thanks for not taunting me by putting a Super Bowl XXXII inscription. I am a huge Packers fan, if you didnít know.

James Laurinaitis (4/1/19): Woo!! I actually got to meet him at a OSU basketball game, and I got a picture with him, which is what I mailed to him! I actually got to see him again the next night, because he showed up to a special needs prom I was a helper in. If youíre wondering which one, it was Night to Shine. I also got to meet Urban Meyer there too, and got a picture with him, and he even signed an index card for me!! The kingpin to my OSU collection has arrived!

Neil Worden (4/2/19): Nice! Apparently he didnít play in 1953, which stinks because I bought he was a part of the 1953 Undefeated Notre Dame football team. He did put some insight on what football was like in the 1950s though.

Mel Renfro (4/4/19): Wow! He signed both sides?!?! I was not expecting that!!

Bruce Van Dyke (4/5/19): Neat! Unfortunately I didnít get a very goo description of what it was like to play for Chuck Noll, but at least the card looks cool signed!

Howard Mudd (4/5/19): Cool! I wasnít expecting him to sign via the Colts, but he did! He also said that it was cool to coach 2 future HOFers in their rookie years (Walter Jones & Kevin Mawae). He was the Offensive Line coach for the Seahawks in the mid 90s.

Mark Chmura (4/8/19): Nice! I donít understand why no one will answer my questions about Super Bowl XXXI though. Leroy Butler didnít answer my questions, Gilbert Brown didnít answer them, Mark Chmura didnít answer. Maybe Don Beebe will answer my questions. Also my first 2016 Classics card Iíve gotten signed.

Roger Staubach (4/8/19): Pretty self explanatory about my reaction. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! He even added a ď12Ē inscription this time! I also now know that he doesnít do autopen, because the autograph on this one isnít the same as the one on the card I sent him in August. Also my first numbered card Iíve gotten signed. The card I got was numbered 64/99.

Im very tired right now, so Iíll get the rest later today. Thanks for reading!!


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