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What can a $100 get you at a cardshow (Richmond, Kentucky Cardshow) April 3rd, 2021

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So I got up early and hit the roadshow for the cardshow in Richmond, Kentucky.

Made a few stops at various Wal-Marts on the way and found a few boxes of Heritage and Donruss. Tried calling a few buddies as they had more than a few so was going to sell them at cost if they wanted them. One told me to get him two of each the other guy never answered his phone. Well, it definitely not cool when you calling early California time LOL.

The show information can be found on this page:

So upon entering I hit the boxes which were not priced. The guy just said the more you buy the better deal so I started with a few Topps Archives and then kept adding to the pile. So I pulled all theses and the damage was $60.

Then I was looking at another table and the guy had some hockey (small stack about 10 cards). Asked him how much he was like how about $2 a card. I was like no. So then he proceeds to take out another stack and I ask how much for all of them and he was like $30. I was all over it as there was about 35 cards in the stack so we went from two dollars down to under a $1 per card. I can live with that any day when their is a assortment of card in the pile. So here is what was in that pile.

So I waited with a former moderator of the board (htz_wheelz) and chatted for a bit. The same dealer who sold me the hockey came up with another small lot about 10 cards and said how about $5. Again .50 cents a card with some autos, game used, inserts, etc. how can you pass it up. So here what was in that pile.
I ended up getting 22 game used, 11 autographs, 9 inserts or rookie cards. All the cards can be seen here. As I can only add 10 photo's:

Then, I was killing some time waiting walking around and went back to the guy who sold me all the hockey. He mentioned that the soft sleeve cards I was looking at was a dime. So picked out 25 and ended paying $2 for that stack picture below.

I truly think you cannot go wrong with all those cards for $97 versus trying your hands at a few retail boxes but that is just me. All, I know the is the card market is going crazy. So I headed to Jimmy's Kentucky Roadshow Shop I was going to try to sell some older retail from basketball to make a few bucks. I walked into that shop and dropped off two boxes on the counter of 19/20 Optic Basketball and they offered to take one box as the other one had a little damage on the box. Took the offer of $225 and then a young boy named Patrick asked me how much I wanted for the box. I said make me a offer as I was content to take it home and open it as the other box paid for that and some. So he proceeded to offer me $200 for the box and I hope he does good. During that time less than 15 minutes they moved the Optic box for $350. So, I can say there are definitely some folks out there who are willing to drop hundreds on boxes of retail.

So was happy with a quick day at the show chatting with a few friends, picking up some neat cards, picking up some retails for a friend, and making a few bucks on a few boxes of retail.

p.s. Sorry it would only let me add 10 photo's.


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