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The Last Lap

Chargers-Colts Game-and an Opinion

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Well I just watched the game-quite exciting I must say! (see I told yall i would blog about other sports and things haha).

A few thoughts:

The Colts either had a LOT of problems with San Diego (as usual) or they werent as good as I thought. I thought San Diego deserved to win-and i was surprised.

Being a Detroit Lions fan (god help us all), I dont have much care in who really wins these games but I like watching them.

Now onto my opinion:

LT is not as good as everyone thinks he is. Is he good-yeah, was it his fault he was hurt the last 2 yrs in the playoffs-not at all. But everytime I watch him play-im not particularly impressed. The Barry Sanders comparisons drive me nuts (maybe thats cause im a Detroit fan and im biast but who knows). Hes NOT Barry Sanders-I see more Barry Sanders in Adrian Peterson in Minnesota and dare I say-Darren Sproles-LTs backup-tonight and throughout the season hes been awesome-he makes better cuts, hes defintely faster, and hes small-hmmmmm. Makes ya think.

I know the stats-the stats show that LT is a great RB-and he is-hes just not as great to me as some-just based on watching him-some backs have great #s but arent truely great running backs-they only took advantage of their situations such as having a great offensive line (Emmitt Smith cough LOL).

Anyways those are my viewpoints on the game and on LT haha-so everyone fight me over it-or not-i dont care-my opinion isnt changing.