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Game 1 Pens vs. Flyers

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Well good news, Penguins win game one of their series. The final score was 4-1. The Penguins got goals from Sidney Crosby, Tyler Kennedy, Evgeni Malkin, and Mark Eaton.

In my opinion, the Penguins third line had a huge game.(Staal, Kennedy, Cooke) Not only did Kennedy get a huge goal, but the whole line played both sides of the ice very well tonight.

For the video of the night, I am going to go with....

Great goal from last years playoffs.

In the other playoff series, some notes.
Rangers beat Capitals 4-3
Devils beat Canes 4-1
Canucks beat Blues 2-1

In other Zack news, I went shopping for non cards today. I needed some new hockey gear, so it was still cool. Got some new gloves, and a few other things that needed an "update".

Thats all for tonight.