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Cardshow Reviews and Hockey Thoughts.

Cardshow (Lexington, Kentucky National Guard Armory 3/28 and 3/29)

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Well I went to the show today and met a few people as usual from the site.

htwheelz01 (Jim)
Tyude2 (Ryan)
Lolbubba (Loyall)
new8403 (Eric)
and a few others

Every one but Loyall and I busted some boxes. As Ryan videotaped the following with me for the SCF Youtube channel. He had some great hits and even his bad break wasn't that bad. I will let you see the one major MOJO for yourself:

UD 2007 Baseball Sweet Spot Classics:

UD 2006 Legends Football

As usual instead of picking up some boxes I spent just over $40 dollars and picked up the following.

The show is always great as today was no exception. The business was brisk as Ryan and his Dad Loyal made quite a few trades plus the nice box breaks. Eric and Jim had a few nice acquisitions, a few sales, and of course some box breaks. They can share those on their own as it not often you get a MOJO pull like Eric had today. I am sure he will be sharing it int he football forums shortly.