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My Trade Requirements

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I am not picky when it comes to trades, but there are some rules that I follow and would ask that you follow when trading with me.

1. Follow the "Must Send First" SCF rules. I know that SCF is transferring feedback now and that paypal has it's own protection built in, but if you have less than 20 feedback here and/or a MSF tag, then I will not make any exceptions.

2. Delivery Confirmation is an option. I do not provide DC and do not ask that you provide DC unless the cards in question are worth $50 or more. DC is expensive and decreases the amount of trades I can do, which is the real joy fo the hobby. If you insist on DC for every trade, then I'm probably not a good trader for you.

3. Plain White Envelopes are not the devil. I have received planty of PWNs in fine condition and padded envelopes damaged. So to me it's not the envelope but the way the card is packed. So I don't mind PWE IF we can agree to these terms:
1. If you are sending in PWE - tell me.
2. If you are sending in a PWE - factor that in to shipping charges.
3. Make sure that you surround the card with something to protect it in the PWE.

And finally this one is not a rule but a suggestion. If someone sends you a padded envelope, reuse it! It saves you money and the environment. Just rip the end open and then when you ship out just drop the padded envelope into a non padded envelope - the savings is small but it will add up for you over time. Just a suggestion.

Hope to trade with you soon!