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A little about me

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My name is Adam, I am married and have 2 little boys, Nick - age 5 and Noah - age 2. I live in sunny Southern California, am a graduate of USC and work as a claims director for a large insurance carrier.

I have been collecting cards since 1979 off and on (mostly on). I have a fairly large collection with too many focuses (if I have too many focuses does that make me unfocused???). My collecting priorities seems to shift weekly.

Here is a summary of my collection:
I am a baseball set builder. I have every Topps set since 1977 along with the sets from 1959 and 1960. I have my eye on sets from 73-75 at my LCS but seem to spend my money on boxes instead. I have every Donruss set produced and every Upper Deck set with the exception of 1998 (need to pick that one up). I have all the Fleer sets up to 1992 and a few of the more recent ones.

I am a huge USC Football fan and have over 9000 different cards of former USC players. I collect everything, base, inserts, GU, Autos. My favorite Trojan of all time is Ronnie Lott and I just achieved Football Supercollector status with my Lott collection.

I also collect several other players. My all time favorite baseball player is Willie McCovey. A couple months back I was named a Baseball Supercollector for my McCovey collection.

Some other players I collect, just not a religiously, are Roger Craig (FB), Dwight Clark, Fred Dean, Rickey Henderson (my former #1 focus and over 1400 different cards), Dave Winfield, Chris Webber, Scot Pollard, Vida Blue, Reggie Jackson, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing. I have also recently started to pick up GU and Auto cards of my favorite SF Giants, SF 49ers and Sacramento Kings - my favorite sports teams in addition to the Trojans.

I am always looking to make trades for cards that fit into my PC. I have all my Auto and GU cards that are for trade scanned on in my bucket along with all the Auto, GU and 1/1 cards for the players I collect. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think about my collection.

I will try to post some of my shifts in collecting habit, nice box breaks, PC pick ups and whatever else is on my mind in future posts.