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All the way from St. Louis MO All-Star game fan-fest!

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Just arrived in St. Louis after a brutal six hour drive.

The city is booming and after a short delay trying to find the "wireless cord" (yeah figure that one out) I'm up and writing my first blog.

Hoping to go around down town St. Louis tonight to scope for HOFers but we will see if that actually happens.

Just found out that Billy and Cal Ripken will be live at Fan Fest on Saturday doing a radio show.

I hope I don't insult Billy when I ask for Cal's auto and not his.:winking0071:

It should be a blast the next two days, I'm still hoping for Stan the Man to be signing free autos as promised but I'm not optomistic.

All Cardinals living Hall of Famers should be there. Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Enos Slaughter, Steve Carlton, and many more.

Very excited for this event!

Will be back for another entry later tonight to see to let you know more about the vibe of one of the greatest cities in the country!