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Review #1 Blackberry Pearl 8130 cell phone

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Make: BlackBerry
Model: pearl 8130
The bads:
Freeze up and are unresponsive in most cases till the battery is pulled out
The trackball gets pretty dirty , as well as is hard to put back in (when cleaning trackball be very careful with the frame , it bends very easy)
Sometimes your text and emails are erased on there own (used to get a text and then it would go away , even with auto erase off)
The screen is very easily scratched and cracked
Cannot send or receive picture text
The camera gets full of dust

The goods:
Email where ever you are
Free blackberry browser
Expandable memory slot
Regular sized port for headphones

Other thoughts: I have owned 2 ( 1st wouldn’t unfreeze , 2nd the trackball cameout and broke so they told me just to buy a whole new phone)
I wouldnt buy this phone again.

Rating :
4 of 10 stars