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An Unexpected Mailday - 9/18/09

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Today's mail brought an unexpected surprise! I received a bubble envelope with 3 Kevin Garnett GU as a gift! I did not own 2 of them, and the third one has a different colored swatch than the one I already owned. The cards are:

2002-03 Fleer Platinum Platinum Portraits GU PPKG
2002-03 Topps Ten RPG #d/1500 GU 23
2004-05 SPX Winning Materials GU WMKG

That was a very nice surprise in my mailbox today!

I'm also working on a trade right now that will add a very nice Garnett card to my collection - more to come on this later. You will definitely want to see what it is, trust me!


  1. ponyboy's Avatar
    WOW!! Now that's an awesome mailday!! Congrats Nathan!!

  2. garnett_21's Avatar
    That it was! Thanks, Evan!