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Random question...

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Ok..this being my FIRST Blog..It's going to be a complain blog. This has been an irritation of mine for YEARS!! First the question..(In 2
Part 1)
WHY do people feel the need to walkin the street when there's a perfectly good sidewalk there??
Part 2)
If you walk in the street instead of on the sidewalk...why do you get mad when I drive so close to you w/my car?? Personally.........I'm NOT MOVING. There's a difference between 'Pedestrian has the right of way' in crossing the street and a idiot pedestrian just walking IN the street.




  1. garnett_21's Avatar
    LOL...that's why there are 2 types of pedestrians - the quick and the dead - use that to your advantage! ;-)
  2. ponyboy's Avatar
    LOL...and THERE you have it..a 2nd person I know now w/COMMON sense.
    My car is not equipped w/a actual hood ornament... seems though that there are ALOT of people out there ready and willing to be that for me!!

  3. garnett_21's Avatar
    HAHA!! Instead of a leaping jaguar, you could have a splatted person...for some reason, I think the jaguar would look nicer ;-)
  4. MasonRaymond0320's Avatar
    Thats what irritates me all of the time. But when I see someone walking on the road, they are always oblivious to the fact that a car is coming. What the...? First of all, like u said, theres a perfectly good sidewalk, and second of all, if someones oblivious to the fact that a car is coming up right behind them, u should just honk them to scare them a bit lol (jk).