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November starts off on a good note!

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Today's mail brought in 3 packages, but 2 of them were trades - the third one was 3 packs of 09-10 Bowman '48 from the CC pack sales, in which I pulled a Corey Maggette autograph /48. The odds of pulling an auto /48 are 1:204, so I was quite pleased!

Now, onto my Garnett additions! 10 new cards came in - these were the highlights:

1999-00 SP Authentic Sample KG
2000-01 SP Authentic Special Forces SF7
2000-01 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects PA2
2004-05 Ultra Hoop Nation 13HN
2005-06 Bazooka Comics 3
2005-06 Topps All-Star Altitude ASKG
2008-09 Topps Treasury Rip Card (Ripped) #d/99 15

Then, I was going thru my collection last night, and realized that I hadn't counted a variation of a card I already had as an additional card. I already had this:

1998-99 SPX Silver 25

But then I realized I also have this one:

1998-99 SPX Blue 25

So, all in all, I increased my Garnett collection total by 11, up to 879 different, which is 17.5% of all Garnett's in existence.

As always, thanks for taking a moment to follow my quest for every Garnett card in existence!