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Saturday, November 21, 2009 Mailday!

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Today's mail brought in one trade with 6 Garnett's that I did not already own, including one that I have been looking for for awhile!

1996-97 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Minatures w/J O'Neal, Kobe M129
2000-01 Fleer Futures Copper #d/750 25
2000-01 Fleer Mystique NBAwesome 7NA
2000-01 Fleer Premium Name Game 15NG
2000-01 Stadium Club Beam Team #d/500 BT3
2006-07 Ultra Scoring Kings SKKG

The one that I've been after for awhile is the triple with O'Neal and's really a nice card, and my lone Kobe RC!

This increases my total to 901 different Garnett's, good enough for 17.9% of all in existence. 900 different - wow, that just sounds surreal!

As always, thanks for taking a moment to follow my quest for every Garnett card in existence!