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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 Mailday!

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Today's mail brought in 8 new Garnett's, including one GU.

1998-99 Topps Season's Best Soarers SB12
1999-00 Fleer Force Forceful Forcefield 5F
1999-00 Topps All-Matrix AM11
1999-00 Upper Deck Ovation Spotlight OS1
1999-00 Upper Deck Retro Old School/New School S20
2000-01 Ultimate Victory Fly 2 80
2000-01 Ultimate Victory Fly 2 83
2004-05 Fleer Genuine At Large #d/199 ALKG GU

This raises my total to 909 different Garnett's, including 89 different GU, which is good enough for 18.1% of all Garnett's.

As always, thanks for taking a moment to follow my quest for every Garnett card in existence!