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Started the Football Collection, again

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Marked today, December 15, as the day I began to collect Football....again. I originally started in the NHL Lockout year(2004), and that maybe lasted for all of 6 months. Where all the old FB cards I used to have, I dont even know. But, I bought 5 packs of Donruss Threads today, and picked up 2 Ebay wins(2 2009 UD Black cards), of the packs, I pulled a Steve Young JSY, 3 RCs(1 out of 250) and a #ed parallel, also #ed of 250. Have some more FB coming in the mail, to help make my traders a bit bigger.
Heres hoping I have as much fun with Football this time around that I have/had with Hockey. For the record, I havent quit collecting Hockey, I just felt a little variety was in order, especially with the way Upper Deck managed to ruin a good year for Hockey.