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My hobby resolutions ... 2010 edition

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In just a little over a week, my hobby of collecting sports cardboard is going to jump to a whole new level. At least that's the plan.

You see, just me posting this blog is a step in the right direction as far as my New Years resolutions go. In fact, the title of the blog even challenges me to come back for another edition of resolutions in a year to come.

Just to back up a bit, and I'm not trying to make anyone jealous here, but in November, my beautiful wife and I traveled to the Southern Caribbean for a two-week getaway in paradise. And that's exactly what it was. Paradise.

During the first couple days, my thoughts would drift back to my collection and the posts here on the forum; however, they were soon forgotten, and replaced with experiences of white sand beaches, stingrays and rum.

It was on a beach in Aruba where my thoughts drifted back to my collection. There, I was relaxed. When I'm sifting through cards at home, I'm relaxed. So, on that beach, I decided when I returned, I would begin the tedious task of organizing my collection and get to trading with the best people on the Internet.

With all that said, we'll get into the meat of the post, which is Resolutions. I never really made any resolutions, so I guess my success record remains par for the course.

My 2010 resolution(s) is rather simple - organize my collection, involve myself more on SCF and continue to build my growing personal collection.

Like I said earlier, I've already taken some steps toward my goal. Earlier this week, I finally purchased a VIP membership here on SCF and made a few trades that are helping finish off my 2009 Topps UFC Series II insert sets. I've gone through a 5,000-count box of football cards and organized it by team. I guess this blog entry (my first by-the-by) counts as a step too. A few steps taken, but there's still lots of work to do.

So here are my resolutions, 2010 edition:

1. Organize my collection
This will include sorting through five, 5,000-count storage boxes, separating sports by team; establishing a hobby area in an extra room of our home; and developing strategies for storage and documentation of personal collection.

2. Involve myself more on SCF
Blog entries; contest entries; general posting; and trading.

3. Continue to build my growing PC
More active trading; auction browsing; visits to LCS; and attend area card shows.

Basically, I just wrapped them up into one Resolution. And with it, packaged up something that I can look to further down the road just to give me that push if I need it.

Anyway, this is my first blog of 2009, and my last. I'm looking forward to the hobby in 2010 and being a part of something with everyone here on SCF.



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