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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 Mailday! Huge Milestone!

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Today's mail brought in several new Garnett's, and brought in a very significant milestone!

2000-01 Topps Combos Flash and Fundamental w/Duncan TC10
2000-01 Topps Gold Label Premium #d/1000 76
2001-02 Fleer Genuine At Large 11@LG
2001-02 Fleer Showcase Avantcard 90
2002-03 Fleer Genuince Prime Time Players PTP7
2003-04 Topps Chrome Bonus Coverage GU BCRKG
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Hardcourt Tributes GU HTKG
2004-05 Upper Deck Hardcourt Materials GU HCMKG
2007-08 Topps Luxury Box Mezzanine Relics #d/199 GU MRKG
2008-09 Exquisite Collection #d/125 1
2008-09 Topps Gold #d/2008 5
2009-10 Panini Threads 47

These 12 new additions bring my collection up to 1001 different Garnett's - yes, that's right, I surpassed 1000 different Garnett's!

In addition to surpassing 1000 Garnett's, the four GU that I added bring my total amount of GU up to 113 different. Lastly, one of my additions is my first Exquisite, and while it's only a base card, I'm still excited to be able to say that I own a Kevin Garnett Exquisite card. :-)

As always, thanks for taking a moment to follow my quest for every Garnett card in existence!


  1. Molina00's Avatar
    Hey Nathan. Congratulations bud. A thousand different cards of one player is quite an impressive achievement.

    How long until you get the next thousand?
  2. garnett_21's Avatar
    Thanks! :-D As for the next 1000, hopefully it's not another 2 years like it took me to get my first 1000! ;-)