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2/17-2/22 Mailweek

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1999 Upper Deck Inkredible Ivan Rodriguez
2004 Timeless Treasures Signatures Silver Hank Blalock #'rd to 9
2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Emerald Autograph Francisco Cordero #'rd to 5
2009 Topps Tribute Josh Hamilton Bat #'rd to 99 (sweet looking card)

lot of around 75 various Rangers including Young, Blalock, Pudge, Kinsler, Feliz, and the like.

For the Nivar collection:
No new cards for the percentage but added a few non-certified autographs.

2003 Donruss Rookies
2003 Donruss Team Heroes
2003 Leaf
2004 Bazooka
2004 Leaf Certified Materials

That brings my uncertified auto collection of Nivar up to 7. I also have an OMLB signed by Nivar incoming, my first piece of Nivar memorabilia.

If I can get a couple more deals done that will bring in 3 more Nivar cards that will count towards my percentage. Some people here actually do have him available!