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Karine's Thoughts

The end is near....

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What else can I say...

Anyone else excited about this?


  1. Crater_Satori's Avatar
    So excited, many questions, so little time....

    I am reading a thread on the Lost forum i frequent and there is a huge debate going on over what is needed to finish this show properly and keep the fans happy.....what's funny is noone agrees on anything....they all want different things. I personally hope they leave a lot of questions unanswered to chees off the fans a little, lol....I like not knowing EVERYTHING.

    Like Walt.....I Don't care why he's special.

    Dharma - I don't need to know everything

    The Numbers - see above

    Only things I would like to see is....MIB / Jacob back stories (which is obviously coming)

    Rose & Bernard (who is more then likely Adam & Eve)

    There are probably a few more I would like answered, but I would rather make up my own conclusions by watching the epi's over again......

    Are the drawings done by your hubby? If so, they are AWESOME!!!!
    Updated 04-26-2010 at 06:10 PM by Crater_Satori
  2. quiet-things's Avatar
    Tell Jason that Hurley is awesome!! I think the best of all of them..

    I can't waitttttttttttttttttttttttttttt... I can't believe there's no episode this week! I'm going to go through withdrawal!!

    I'd like to see Desmond and what's going on with him and I can't even think what else... I just want to watch!!
  3. Pheebs888's Avatar
    lol Nash, personally, I'd love to get answers to EVERYTHING but it's not going to happen i'm guessing. I really want to see Juliette in the flash sideways as well and ideally she'd end up with Sawyer.

    Thanks Houng I will tell him, he'll be chuffed :)

    I think it's actually a two week break :(
  4. quiet-things's Avatar
    Maybe for you but I've got an ep this Tuesday!
  5. Crater_Satori's Avatar
    Have I said that I think Jack's wife in the Flash Sideways is Juliette? Why else keep it a secret?

    Also, I heard that they are airing the 2 pilot epi's the week before the finale....TPTB have been saying from the beginning that they filmed a scene for the finale during the pilot, so it is something we have seen before i think, Also, they say that Jacob is in the pilot?? I have to assume it is Vincent, but I really don't know what they are referring to....could be Jack himself.....Man I can't wait.
  6. Pheebs888's Avatar
    You lucky so and so Houng!!!!

    I hope not Nash, i really want her to be with Sawyer in the sideways...Jacob in the pilot? Ummmmm interesting...
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