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Old-time collector rants

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Usually I start off with every post here with a greetings. Since this is my first blog entry I thought I do like it if I were letting you read an article from a magazine or a newspaper. So Today is August 13th 2010 Friday the 13th......(insert Twilight Zone theme) Anyways I guess the reasoning behind my rant is to discuss what I believe is wrong with some collectors these days compair it with when I started off in collecting.

The first thing I'll point out is simple the cost of cards these days. My mother can't understand why sometimes I spend over $100 everytime I go to the card shops or at shows. Simple the price and plus its getting harder and harder to find shops nearby or shows to attend to trade with other dealers but more on that later. Card companies keep raising prices on things and with less packs and cards its hard to maintain a collection. The second thing is as I mentioned earlier the shop location. Back when I first started collecting you could look up in the local phone book and find about 3-5 shops in the area some having simular stuff at the same prices or cater to certain cliental. Nowadays you can't locate maybe 1-3 shops nearby if your lucky ever since the internet traders go on line to find the missing ones they need only to be still looking until they finish their search. Me I like to go out of the state or country to locate some of the missing items sure its time consumming but I make the effort to go and try to find the missing items and try to keep a good eye out for any great finds or help a fellow collector out while I am traveling more on that later as well. The third thing is when I take my wantlists I manage on average about 5-20 cards if its a good shop not within the my usual areas of shopping. I generally take a few other peoples lists with me if I can find anything for myself then I usually have the luck in locating something for another person and hoping that they are lucky in locating stuff I need where they live or shop by. Some collectors aren't in my eyes collectors they do it for $$$$ or they flip the high RCs or they get the high RCs only to quickly get them graded before a set-builder as myself can get them in the raw condition to place them within the 9-pocket sheets to join its other brethern in the set. Well I'll continue this ranting at another time until then remember cards are a hobby not an obsession.


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