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Karine's Thoughts

I need to vent...

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Alright, so as most of you probably know, I'm Canadian but I now live in England. One thing I really miss from Canada is the proper winters, snow and cold I absolutely love that. Yesterday after 6 and a half years of wishing for it, I got some snow in England! Yay! Until I realized that people really weren't kidding when they were saying England couldn,t cope with snow....

Eveything, and I mean everything came to a standstill! No buses, no tube, delays and cancellations on overground trains, no post office (my post office is still closed today), no nothing absolutely ridiculous. To make things worst, I had to go to Stafford for work yesterday...

Normally, Stafford is 1 hour and 20 minutes out of London by train. Yesterday however, this was not the case...I set off on my way at 5.50 am hoping to catch the 6.08 train into London. The snow was nice, thick and sticky therefore really easy to walk into. I made a very good time and got to the station at 6.00. I was amazed to see that trains were running on time...or at least that's what the board said...The train finally got to Upminster at 6.25. Borded it and got to London at 7.05. Meaning that the usual 25 minutes journey took 40 minutes...no problem, I still had an hour before my train out to Stafford.

I decided to check travel updates on my mobile and to my not surprise, most tube lines were already suspended. Brilliant...it meant i needed to either walk to Euston station (50 minutes walk) or get a cab. Bearing in mind that 50 minutes walk would have been cuting it a bit fine, I walked over to the cab rank, where there was already 20 people queing on not a cab in sight...even more brilliant. I therefore decided to start walking and hope to find a cap. Thankfully when i came out of the station's street, a cab was coming clearly going for the cab rank. He never made it there as I intercepted it...shame for the 20 people queing

Got in the cab and started heading towards Euston and I must admit it was a rather scary ride with the car slidding all over the place. You see, London doesnt use salt and/or sand to make the roads safe.. about halfway there, the driver spotted a guy driving in front of us who had not even bothered to clear his rear window...sure enough 5 minutes later, the idiot tried to stop on a yellow light and slid ahead before backing up into my cab, having not seen it in his snow filled window BRAVO!

Anyhow, the driver gave him a lecture on road safety, the exchanged insurrance number and we resumed our drive to Euston. I got there with 15 minutes to spare until departure time. Collected my tickets and the waiting began....and continued...my 8.05 train finally left the station at 8.30. 25 minutes into the journey, a train on the left side track actually managed to smash one of our windows! The one I was next to of course brilliant...How did that happen? Well, apparently the other train had loads of snow and ice on it making it wider and no one had bothered to clean it and get rid of it so...my window was smashed by an "iceberg" awesome...Had to move to another seat and the train crew put an adhesive sheet of some sort of the window which was to hold it together until we reached our destination (which it did surprisingly enough).

30 minutes later, our train stopped and stood there for an hour, we were then told that the train ahead of us had brake issues and that it couldnt move anymore. As a result, we needed to go back and take another junction to get to Stafford...So, backwards we went for 25 minutes before going ahead on a different track. Shockingly, an hour later, we stop yet again...Why? well, this time WE have brake issues awesome...anyhow, I got to Stafford at 12.40...yup spent 4 hours on that train...Oh and did I mention that the hearing I was meant to attend was at 10.30? So yeah, i missed it and had to come straight back to London, which took another 4 hours and then another hour to get back to my house...joy!

Top 3 idiots from yesterday:
3- The Train staff who didnt clear their train of ice and smashed my window
2- The moron who didnt clear his window of the snow and backed up in my cab
1- The Havering council for not using sand/salt on the pavements making it impossible for people to walk on them and therefore impossible for me to get to work or anywhere else today...

Truly a great showing BRAVO England...

Sorry I just really needed to share lol


Updated 02-03-2009 at 06:32 AM by Pheebs888



  1. Enigma's Avatar
    Well...at least you got snow!!!
  2. hossa18sens's Avatar
    I'm sorry about your day but TY for a laugh. It was "brilliant"

    Never read a story with "brilliant" and "Moron" used so well together.

  3. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Funny...everyone seems to think this is funny...I am clearly not passing along how hellish it was lol
  4. Brads55's Avatar
    Funny, no. Ironic, absolutely! You wanted the snow, you got the snow, and now you complain. What are we going to do with you???

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