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Paid Autograph Sites

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I don't know why, but I've been thinking about this today.

I like to collect autographs, and I love the fact that SCF has thousands of contact address's/websites available for free for all members and non-members that use this site. I don't understand how people could charge money for other peoples contact information that is all publicly available if you dig deep enough and know what you're looking for. And that brought me to my question:

What would stop somebody from joining a paid website........and then posting all of the successful contact info on a free site such as SCF and running the paid sites out of business?

I mean I wouldn't try it, and I know that the people that run those sites would be very mad, but I don't know what they could possibly do to prevent it.........especially given the fact that the information they are "selling" access to, isn't even theirs in the first place!


  1. RealBrianD's Avatar
    it really does make you wonder don't it? I think it just comes down to the "honor system" which is good, in THEORY. but not everyone is as honest n respectful as you seem. Me personally, im a member of a paid site, but don't post that info here out of respect for what they do at the other site. The way I see it, is if I DID post that info here, someone would lose a job, a job they need to feed their children n keep a roof over their heads. I don't wanna mess that up for someone....but man, itd be nice once in awhile to not have to dig so hard lol
  2. CliffAnderson92's Avatar
    I agree 100% some people are making some good money by running those sites, but it's nice to come to a site like SCF and find address/website contact info for free, I think it's nice to share success's so that we can all build our collections. But I guess they probably use the money they make, to give them the time to search for the info...... so I can see both sides of it. I share all my success's but would like to make some money from it too, so I'm looking into putting ads on my autograph blog so I can make money, while continuing to give the info away for free.

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