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A Munchkin's World

The Life of a Munchkin

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To start off, let's define what a "munchkin" is. According to dictionary.com, it is
a small person, esp. one who is dwarfish or elfin in appearance.
Although, I am not dwarfish or elfin in appearance, I am a munchkin. (Ask Tony). I am only 4'11", and I have not grown since the 8th grade. Living the life of a munchkin is not easy.

A major problem that us munchkins have is finding clothes to fit. Actually, it's mainly just jeans and pants. In some pants, you can find an XS Short. Buuuut those are still too long. I have to get a Short in jeans. Most are still a tad too long. Some jeans don't even have short sizes! It's hard to find dresses because most are way too long.

Things are always too high up for me to reach. The top shelf of the cabinets in the kitchen.. I eiher have to jump and knock things down or use a chair. I can barely reach the top shelf in my closet... yeah I have to get a chair. The printer is on top of the computer desk.. to put paper in, arrange cards to scan.. I have to stand on the chair.

Depending on what car you drive, you might need a couple coushins to sit on just to be able to see over the steering wheel and reach the pedals better. And that's with the seat scooted us as far as it will go. Thankfully, I do not need this in my car :)

If you're at a concert or something, you really need to be right in the front. Otherwise, you're too short too see anything!! It should be a rule that short people get the front :)

Walking among tall people can make you feel even shorter. Tall people can be amusing. They can't fit in as many places as munchkins.

A lot of people tend to make comments about being short. I used to hate it, but I don't care anymore. I like my munchkinness.

Munchkins do tend to attack though.. without warning. You never know when it might happen. And if there's two munchkins, you better be afraid. Munchkins can stack. I found a perfect example:

That's me and my stacking partner. Oh, and that's my attack face. I'm not the Resident Twin Munchkin for nothing ;)


This blog is especially for Tony.


  1. garnett_21's Avatar
  2. ashley832's Avatar
    I love this Shayne. Its exactly true. Every part of it. Our munchkiness is awesome. :)
  3. race crazy's Avatar
    haha living in Munchkin land has gotta be fun. Nice story Shayne haha.
  4. MCXC1987's Avatar
    OUCh....that tall people comment hit to close to home....ouch shayne...i like fun size!
  5. battingseventh's Avatar
    I like to think of it as Height Challenged--lets be P C
  6. SingleDaddyof2's Avatar
    Very nice!--funny, too! Nice color scheme--we don't see much girly stuff here on SCF. :cheer2:
  7. AThrash37DSnyder's Avatar
    Wicked awesome blog.
  8. WilyWestbrook0's Avatar
    I hear ya on finding pants that fit! I'm 5'1" and even the petite stuff always has legs which are too long. I almost always have to get new pants hemmed.
  9. doG sI kcivraH's Avatar
    I must stink, though, not being able to go on all the rides at the amusement park

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