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Karine's Thoughts

Lost Season finale wow!

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Well, the hubby and I just couldn't resist any longer, we decided to watch the double lenght season finale of Lost with dinner tonight and wowser what a show!

So many things happened it was unreal, I think I need to watch it once more to wrap my head around it all. My top 10 moments in a particular order number one being the best:

10. Rose and Bernard reappearing. It was great to see them alive and well and to see that the writers had not forgotten about them

9. The flashback with Jack in the OR. It was nice to finally see a moment which has been mentioned quite a few times in the show so far.

8. The talk and following fight between Jack and Sawyer. That was a long time in the making! My one problem with the scene being Jack admitting he wants to reset time because he lost his girl...bit of an overeaction really isnt it?

7. Juliet taking matters in her own hands in the sub to return to the Island. Way to knock that guy out! This year, she has no doubt been my favorite character.

6. Jack and Sayid walking amongst the Darma crew and having to fight WW III. I have to ask though, when did Jack become Rambo?

5. Hurley's own brand of Darma van rescue. At the barracks first and then at the Swan...Always right in the nick of time just like when he rescued Jin, Sayid and Bernard on the beach in the season 4 series finale

4. Kate saving Sawyer's life by shooting the Darma guy who was about to shoot him in the Swan firefight. In fact, I liked this whole fight sequel, pretty impressive.

3. Locke is not Locke!!!! Easy to say now but I did think he was different this year...that woule be why lol

2. The scene where Bernard says: "So what if we die? We'll be together and thats all that matters". Juliet looking at Sawyer and her heart breaking when she sees him looking at Kate...Top notch work from Elizabeth Mitchell there, I actually paused it and told my husband this would be a significant look...

1. The final sequence between Juliet and Sawyer, I will admit it, I actually cried. Such a good couple! And so sad to see her get dragged down...awful yet brilliant TV moment....

So, what did you think? What were your favorite moments? Do you think the bomb worked? Or was it just one of those time flashes at the end? Is Juliet dead or alive? What's the deal with Jacob?

So many questions...and so long to wait...

Updated 06-10-2009 at 05:07 PM by Pheebs888



  1. richied98's Avatar
    Great write up!

    Some of my favorite moments were:

    1. Jacob walking up to a young James, when he is writing the letter to "Mr. Sawyer". That letter has been the basis of his name on the show and many episodes. The incident that killed his parents is the single incident that has sculpted who he became. I loved it.

    2. Jacob touching Locke's shoulder after he fell through the window. We all knew it was pretty amazing that he lived, but now we know why.

    3. I have no problem admitting that both times I watched Juliette let go of Sawyers hand I had tears. How did she survive the fall, and why did the bomb NOT go off the first time?

    4. The first scene with Jacob, and the man who talked about a "loop hole" to kill him. This loop hole showed why Locke "had to die". This master evil set up came back to haunt our memories. Going back in time, the man inside Locke's body told Richard to tell the real Locke he must die. This all started to make sense. Why would he need to die? Dying appears to create a loop hole for this man to enter anothers body.

    5. Miles and Father finally realizing they are father and son. How cool would it be to go back in time and hang out with your parents when they were close to your age now?

    A few people have questioned if the bomb really did go off. My guess is yes, but simply because the bright light flashed. Do they all end up at LAX, or do they all end up on the plane and it goes down again?

    Is Jacob Jesus or God, and is the other man Satin or an evil force?
  2. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Some good points Rich. If dying is a way for that other man to enter someone else's body though, why didnt he ride in with Jack's dad when they crashed on the island? I really need to know how he managed to get in Locke's body...

    Jacob touching Locke was indeed a cool moment too but has he seems to know the future and everything that will happen, did he only save him so that the evil man wouldnt get in his body?
  3. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Two players, two sides, one is light one is dark...

  4. richied98's Avatar
    That's a great find! I was explaining to my mother (i'm a mommas boy) when it was over that I thought the man with the dark shirt was evil, and Jacob is good. That first picture is great!

    Is Jack's dad really dead? Or, MAYBE he IS inside Jack's dad. He is the one who helped lock turn the wheel in the cave to set the Island straight. Could it be that he was in Jack's fathers body the whole time? Jack's dad was seen walking around the island at times, and Jack was chasing him. Maybe this is too much for me to handle at 3am, but at this point the writers have a lot to work with.

    I cant wait for next year.
  5. quiet-things's Avatar
    I think in the first season when they found stones with the Adam and Eve skeletons?

  6. Pheebs888's Avatar
    I think those skeletons are Rose and Bernard...

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