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Listing My Tradelist

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I just wanted to share my tradelist (Not Including Auto's and GU). It's a long list. I'll be updating it from time to time. LMK if you see anything that you like. Thanks!

Tradelist: Basketball
93-94 Fleer Ultra Chris Webber RC
94-95 Fleer Ultra Jason Kidd RC
95-96 Hoops Skybox Jerry Stackhouse RC
95-96 Fleer Metal Stackhouse Scrapbook
96-97 Skybox Premium Series 2 Rookies (Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Camby, Allen...Complete RC set)
99-00 Hoops Skybox Baron Davis RC
98-99 Topps Finest Antawn Jamison RC
98-99 Topps Finest Jason Williams RC
98-99 Topps Finest Mike Bibby RC
98-99 Topps Finest Larry Hughes RC
98-99 Topps Finest Rafael Lafrenz
98-99 Topps Finest Bonzi Wells
99-00 Hoops Skybox Elton Brand RC
99-00 Hoops Skybox Jason Terry RC
99-00 Topps Gallery Jason Terry RC
99-00 UD Gold Reserve Lamar Odom RC #0786/3000
99-00 Topps Finest Shawn Marion RC
99-00 Hoops Skybox Richard Hamilton RC
02-03 UD Star Rookie Carlos Boozer
02-03 UD Jay Williams RC
01-02 Topps Jason Richardson RC
03-04 UD Carmelo Anthony Air Academy RC insert
03-04 Topps Carmelo Anthony RC
03-04 Bowman Mickael Pietrus RC Gold
03-04 Bowman TJ Ford RC Gold
03-04 Bowman Chris Kaman RC
03-04 Fleer Ultra Travis Outlaw Rc
03-04 UD Rookie Exclusives Chris Bosh RC
03-04 UD Rookie Exclusives Boris Diaw RC
03-04 Bowman Chrome David West RC
03-04 Topps David West RC
03-04 Fleer Tradition Kirk Hinrich RC
03-04 UD Finite Rookie Leandro Barbosa RC #0167/1500
03-04 Topps Josh Howard RC
03-04 Topps Boris Diaw RC
03-04 Topps TJ Ford RC
03-04 UD Luke Walton RC
03-04 UD Matrix Bosh/Wade/Milicic Mini RC
04-05 Fleer Childress/Ivey/Smith Mini RC
04-05 Topps Total J.R. Smith RC
04-05 UD R-Class J.R. Smith Rc
04-05 UD Scrapbook Dwight Howard RC
04-05 UD Scrapbook Josh Smith
04-05 UD Scrapbook Kevin Martin
04-05 UD Scrapbook J.R. Smith
04-05 Fleer Ultra Lucky 13 Gold Medallion Luol Deng RC
05-06 UD Slam Chris Paul RC
05-06 UD Rookie Scrapbook Chris Paul RC
05-06 UD Star Rookies Marvin Williams RC
05-06 Topps Andrew Bynum RC
05-06 UD Star Rookies Andrew Bynum RC
05-06 Topps Chrome Gerald Green Black Border #399
05-06 UD Danny Granger RC
06-07 SP Game Used James White Gold #100
06-07 Bowman Elevation Dee Brown RC #010/399(Blue Version)
06-07 Bowman Elevation Dee Brown RC #791/999
06-07 Topps Big Game Dee Brown RC #122/579
06-07 Bowman Elevation PJ Tucker RC #047/299 Red Version
06-07 UD Hardcourt Futures Thabo Sefolosha RC #0620/1750
06-07 UD Reflections Hilton Armstrong RC# 297/299
06-07 UD Reflections Ryan Hollins RC 353/399
06-07 Topps Trademark Moves Adam Morrison RC Swish 06/75
06-07 Topps Trademark Moves Andrea Bargnani RC Swish 224/299
06-07 Topps Trademark Moves Craig Smith RC Dunk 109/149
06-07 Topps Turkey Red Brandon Roy RC Red Parallel
06-07 Topps Turkey Red Adam Morrison RC Red Parallel
06-07 Topps Chrome Adam Morrison RC
06-07 Topps Finest Adam Morrison RC
06-07 Topps Turkey Red Andrea Bargnani RC
06-07 Press Pass Rookies (Brandon Roy, Rudy Gay, Aldrigde(Power Pick), Carney)
06-07 Spxcitement Andrea Bargnani RC #2065/2999
06-07 Fleer Hot Prospect Andrea Bargnani RC Were Nos. 1 insert
06-07 Fleer Hot Prospect Rudy Gay Notable new comer insert
06-07 Spxcitement Daniel Gibson RC#0675/2999
06-07 Bowman Elevation Daniel Gibson RC #050/999
06-07 Topps Finest Regular RC(Foye) RC Refractors -(Novak,Foye, Hollins, Douby, Garbajosa)
06-07 Topps Chrome RC (Thomas, Lowry,Collins,Gay, Smith,Williams, Brewer) Refractor RC- Carney
07-08 Fleer Kevin Durant RC
07-08 Topps Chrome RC - (Aaron Brooks, Javaris Crittenton, Nick Young, Corey Brewer)
07-08 Topps Finest RC - (Yi, Young)
07-08 Topps Finest Greg Oden RC
07-08 Fleer Greg Oden RC 86-87 Version
07-08 UD Star Rookies Greg Oden RC
07-08 Topps Co signers Young RC#071/499 & Mcroberts RC #271/499
07-08 Bowman Al Thornton Rc #2039/2999
07-08 Sp Game Used Al Thornton RC #999
07-08 SP Game Used Carl Landry RC #999
07-08 Bowman Brandan Wright RC Bronze #385/399
07-08 Topps Stadium Club Brandan Wright Rc Xfractor #50
07-08 Topps Variation Brandan Wright Gold parallel #0027/2007
07-08 Bowman Chrome RC - (Strawberry, Tucker, Fazekas,Mejia) #2999
07-08 Bowman Julian Wright RC 0517/2999
07-08 Topps Stadium Club Refractor #999 (Al Thornton,Noah,Crittenton,Stuckey,Mcguire,Sessions, Brewer,Dudley,Fazekas,Conley,Mcroberts,Afflalo,
07-08 Bowman Ramon Sessions #2999 RC
07-08 Topps Finest Cheikh Samb Blue Refractor #199 RC
08-09 Fleer Hot Prospect Jason Thompson blue parallel RC
08-09 Topps Co Signers RC #2008 (Donte Greene, Joey Dorsey, JR Giddens)
08-09 Topps Chrome Nicolas Batum
08-09 Bowman Marreese Speights RC Blue Parallel #499
08-09 Fleer OJ Mayo RC
08-09 Topps Co-signers Changing Faces OJ Mayo/Redd #164/399
08-09 Topps Murad OJ Mayo RC
08-09 Topps Treasury OJ Mayo RC
08-09 Fleer Michael Beasley RC
08-09 Topps Co-signers Changing Faces Beasley/Wade #199
08-09 Topps Variation Michael Beasley RC
08-09 Topps Murad Russell Westbrook RC
08-09 Topps Treasury Russell Westbrook RC
08-09 Topps Murad DJ Augustin RC
08-09 Topps DJ Augustin Orange Parallel RC #0342/1199
08-09 Topps Treasury DJ Augustin RC
08-09 Topps Treasury Kevin Love RC Refractor
08-09 Topps Treasury Eric Gordon RC Refractor 0349/2008
08-09 Fleer Rose/Beasley/Mayo Mini RC
08-09 Bowman Jason Thompson Orange Parallel #299 RC
Beasley, Westbrook, Hickson,Thompson,Augustin,Chalmers,Love,Rush,Ferna ndez,Gallanari
86-87 Retro Rookies:
08-09 Fleer Glossy 86-87 RC Retro - Arthur, Ryan Anderson
08-09 Fleer Mini Rookies:

09-10 Prestige Rookie list:
Sam Young, Tyreke Evans, Taylor,Ellington, Jordan Hill,Beaubois,Budinger,Demar Derozan, Summers, Thornton,Mcclinton,Stephen Curry x2, Daye, Casspi and Terrence Williams
09-10 Bowman 48 Rookie Blue Parallel #1948
09-10 Bowman 48 Rookie Thabeet,Evans #2009
09-10 Pannini Adrenalyn (Mullens, Maynor, Pendergraph,Taylor Griffin) RC

Inserts/Parallels/Serial Numbered

00-01 Fleer Futures Black Gold Speedy Claxton #236/500
01-02 UD Slam Center Insert Rashard Lewis
04-05 Hoops 100 Parallel Jerry Stackhouse #009/100
04-05 Bowman Signature Ray Allen 093/169
04-05 Topps Gold Parallel Jarvis Hayes #56/99
05-06 Spxcitement Veterans Kyle Korver #999
05-06 SPx Kyle Korver Spectrum #99
05-06 Spxcitement Veterans Quentin Richarson #999
05-06 UD Rookie Debut Ron Artest Parallel #100
05-06 Topps Big Game Chris Webber #193/269
05-06 UD Exclusives Mike Bibby #03/50
05-06 Topps Big Game Andre Iguodala #104/269
05-06 Topps Big Game Manu Ginobili #016/179
06-07 Topps Trademark Moves Paul Gasol 023/299
06-07 Topps Trademark Moves Raymond Felton 159/299
06-07 Topps Trademark Moves Mike James 118/299
06-07 Topps Trademark Moves Dunk Ike Diogu Wood #19/75
06-07 Topps Trademark Moves Swish Martell Webster #118/149
06-07 Topps Gold Parallel Raef Lafrenz #420/500
06-07 Topps Gold Parallel Desagana Diop #500
06-07 Topps Gold Parallel Matt Harpring #365/500
06-07 Topps Clutch City Insert (TJ Ford, Deron Williams, Devin Harris)
06-07 Bowman Chrome Ben Wallace Xfractor #134/150
06-07 Bowman Chrome Refractor Jim Calhoun #153/249
06-07 Topps Chrome Refractor (Michael Redd, Telfair, Maggette, Randolph, Okafor)
06-07 Topps Chrome black Refractor Eddie House #42/99
06-07 Bowman Elevation Parallel Blue Shane Battier #399
06-07 Bowman Elevation Parallel Blue Mike Miller #399
06-07 Bowman Elevation Parallel Mike Bibby #299
06-07 Bowman Parallel Nate Robinson #99/379
06-07 Fleer Ultra Platinum Josh Howard #013/100
06-07 Topps Pride of the Program Philadelphia Sixers
06-07 UD Reserve Flight Team Andre Iguodala
06-07 Topps Big Game Paul Gasol #113/269
06-07 Bowman Elevation Red Parallel Paul Gasol #009/299
07-08 UD Championship Predictor Indiana Pacers
07-08 Topps Chrome Chauncey Billups Refractor\
07-08 Topps Gold Parallel Jason Richardson 0028/2007
07-08 Topps Gold Parallel David Lee 0021/2007
07-08 Topps Gold Parallel Peja Stojakovic #2007
07-08 Topps Gold Parallel Zach Randolph #2007
07-08 Topps Gold Parallel Baron Davis #2007
07-08 Topps Gold Parallel Omeka Okafor #2007
07-08 Topps Gold Parallel Josh Howard #2007
07-08 Topps Bronze Parallel Leandro Barbosa 29/50
07-08 Topps Bronze Parallel Andre Miller 24/50
07-08 Topps Finest Refractor Michael Redd
07-08 Topps Finest Refractor Baron Davis
07-08 Topps Stadium Club Joe Johnson Photographers Proof #50
07-08 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Kirk Hinrich
07-08 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Tyrus Thomas
07-08 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Dwight Howard
08-09 Topps Treasury Refractor David Lee 676/999
08-09 Topps Treasury Refractor Peja Stojakovic 646/999
08-09 Topps Treasury Refractor Andre Miller 632/999
08-09 Topps Gold Parallel Vince Carter #2008
08-09 Topps Gold Parallel Andre Miller #2008
08-09 Topps Gold Parallel Danny Granger #2008
08-09 Topps Gold Parallel Corey Brewer #2008
08-09 Topps Gold Parallel Jerry West #2008
08-09 Topps Orange Parallel Allen Iverson #1199
08-09 Topps Co-signers Gold Parallel Josh Howard #99
08-09 Topps Chrome Andrea Bargnani White Parallel #99
08-09 Topps Co-signers Bronze Parallel Brad Miller #299
08-09 Topps Signature Dwight Howard #2325
08-09 Fleer Hot Prospect Draft Night (Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, Paul Gasol, Chauncey Billups) Blue Parallel
08-09 Fleer Hot Prospect Supreme Court (Steve Nash, Lebron James)
08-09 Fleer Hot Prospect Cream of the Crop ( Schrempf, Arenas)
07-08 Ultra Fleer Julius Erving Legendary 13
03-04 UD Finite Julius Erving #1999
09-10 Prestige Stat Stars Dwayne Wade
09-10 Franchise Favorites Brandon Roy
09-10 Prestigious Picks BJ Mullens #500
09-10 Topps Draft Snapshot:
Brand,Grant Hill, Stackhouse
09-10 3d Stars Westbrook/Durant
09-10 Now Appearing:
09-10 Bowman 48 Lebron James Blue Parallel #1948
09-10 Pannini Adrenalyn (Diaw, Jermaine O'neal, Tyrus Thomas) Shiny cards

Baseball Cards Trade List:
07-08 Topps Co signers Andrew Jones Parallel 71/75
07-08 Topps Co signers Bronze Parallel Brandon Webb 256/300
07-08 Topps Co signers Bronze Parallel Maglio Ordonez 158/300
07-08 Topps Co signers Red Parallel Brandon Webb 266/400
07-08 Topps Co signers Green Parallel Derrek Lee 046/200
07-08 Topps Co signers Blue Parallel Raul Ibanez 171/250
07-08 Topps Co signers Blue Parallel Gil Meche 04/50
07-08 Topps Co signers Green Parallel Tom Gorzelanny 183/200
07-08 Topps Co signers Parallel Red Chone Figgins 061/400
07-08 Topps Co signers RedParallel Albert Pujols 055/400
07-08 Topps Co signers Red Parallel Orlando Hudson 044/100
07-08 Topps Co signers Rookie Jonathan Meloan
07-08 Topps Co signers Rookie Clay Buchholz
07-08 Topps Co signers Rookie J.R. Towles
07-08 Topps Co signers Rookie Ross Ohlendorf
07-08 Topps 1st Bomwan Chrome Brad Miller
07-08 Topps 1st Bomwan Chrome Omar Poveda
07-08 Topps 1st Bomwan Chrome Jason Fernandez
07-08 Topps 1st Bomwan Chrome Brett Pill
07-08 Topps 1st Bomwan Chrome Ryan Khoury #175/599
07-08 Topps 1st Bomwan Chrome Blake Johnson
07-08 Topps 1st Bomwan Chrome Jason Fernandez
07-08 Topps 1st Bomwan Chrome Jose Martinez
07-08 Topps Bowman Rookie Card Josh Anderson
07-08 Topps 1st Bowman Card Mario Lission Gold Parallel
2007 Fleer Ultra Lucky 13 Kei Igawa RC

Football Cards Tradelist:
2006,2007 Upper Deck Base cards (I have a bunch just ask)
2009 Gridiron Base cards (Just ask)
2006 UD Insert Passing Club Donovan Mcnabb
2006 UD Insert Passing Club Aaron Brooks
2006 UD Insert Gridiron Debut Vince Young
2006 UD Insert Gridiron Brandon Marshall
2006 UD Insert Fantasy Top 25 Tiki Barber
2006 UD Insert Defense Sack Obi Umenyiora
2006 UD Insert Yard Rushing Club Rudi Johnson
2006 UD Insert Yard Receiving Club Larry Fitzgerald
2007 UD Star Rookie Dan Bazuin
2007 UD Star Rookie Dwayne Wright
2006 UD Star Rookie Kamerion Wimbley
2007 UD College to Pros Andre Johnson
2007 UD Predictor Bengals
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition Alumni Association Matthew Stafford/Hines Ward Insert
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition Scouting Report Malcolm Jenkins
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition Draft History Drew Brees
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition Draft History Michael Turner
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition Draft History Clinton Portis
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition Draft Edition Jairus Byrd RC
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition RC Rhett Bomar
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition RC Michael Oher
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition RC Glen Coffee
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition RC Jaison Williams
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition RC Matt Shaughnessy
2009 UD NFL Draft Edition RC Brennan Marion

09-10 SP Signature Edition Dual Auto Thomas Clayton/Darius Walker #67/99
09-10 SP Signature Edition Signature Rookies Rhett Bomar
09-10 SP Signature Edition Manuel Johnson #229 (Redemption)

Updated 06-09-2010 at 03:07 PM by Jprk31 (Updated List)



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