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Voice of the 'Fan

There's a time for letting go

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If you ordered WWE's Breaking Point PPV on Sept. 13, I'd not blame you if you asked for a refund from your cable provider after the main event.

Nearly 12 years after the infamous 1997 Survivor Series in Montreal, WWE returned to the scene of the crime for the first PPV in Montreal since No Way Out in 2003. Once again, the main event was marred by a screwjob finish that actually benefits no one this time.

CM Punk was defending the WWE World title vs. Undertaker in a submission match. The "Dead Man" had the match won with the Hell's Gate, a gogoplata--or figure 4, if you prefer--choke. GM Teddy Long, on orders from Vince McMahon, no doubt, reinforced that the Hell's Gate had been banned by an earlier, ill-conceived administration, and even though there were no repurcussions the last time Undertaker used the move, the ban was back in effect. Punk then locked on his Anaconda Vice submission, and ref Scott Armstrong called for the bell without bothering to check to see if Undertaker had actually tapped. He didn't. And therein lies the problem.

McMahon feels that because the people of Montreal won't forgive him or Shawn Michaels for "Montreal Screwjob I" at the '97 Survivor Series, then he'll keep repeating the angle as often as he wants. Problem is, that is wrong for business. It takes away what credibility Punk has as a heel champion, and it undermines the authority of Long, who some feel has been turned heel because of this.

The truth is, McMahon and his Smackdown creative team, under the leadership of ex-wrestler Michael Hayes, painted themselves right into a corner by putting up Undertaker as the next challenger to Punk. It was too soon to take the title off Punk, and everyone knew it. Punk had beaten Matt Hardy on Smackdown two nights earlier in a submission match that, quite frankly, was much better. Hardy should've been the choice for the PPV, but McMahon apparently didn't have enough faith to use him in this spot. Undertaker was back from his spring-summer vacation, and that was good enough for the insane chairman.

However, McMahon has only fed his detractors even more fuel with what happened at Breaking Point. Not only that, but now McMahon, who just turned 64 right after Summerslam, is adding Chief Executive Officer to his title, as his wife Linda has stepped down to make a run for the Senate. I've been saying for a long time now that McMahon, despite what he said on ESPN earlier this year, needs to retire himself. Montreal Screwjob II was the result of his selfish desire to revisit his crowning achievement yet again, and shouldn't have happened. His on-screen character is a schizophrenic, prematurely senile lunatic executive. Some feel he's like that for real, and probably is.

And now, WWE is in worse trouble with him tightening his grip on the company instead of loosening it. What if Jeff Hardy implicates others and narcs off to the feds? Vince vs. the US Government, part 2, is one rematch he can't possibly win. And the consolation prize has to be retirement. There's no other way around it.

Smackdown is on a lame-duck network, and will lose viewers if there isn't a proper resolution to this latest creative screwup. Knowing McMahon, he just doesn't care. It's all about what he wants, not what the public wants, and it'll stay that way until the bitter end. As long as he insulates himself in a selfish fantasy world, Vince McMahon will remain the object of scorn, not respect, now and forever, and only has himself to blame, even if he'll never admit it.


  1. atp0721's Avatar
    No Way Out 2K3 was also the scene of a stage Mtl screwjob between Hogan & The Rock(yeah... remember that one too! Ref helped the brama bull, who ironically, was from Québec... later known as pro wrestler, ex-tag team champion Sylvain Grenier from "La Résistance")

    So the Breaking Point PPV is rather known as Montreal Screwjob III... I'm pretty sure McMahon is gonna play this angle to death every time the WWE heads over there.

    And since rabid Mtl fans doesn't forgive Shawn Michaels for SS97, the WWE creative/writing team has to reunite Shawn and Triple H for the DX "umpteenth" reunion... in an attempt to subdue the crowd from booing him.

    My opinion.
  2. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Ah, but the circumstances were a bit different in 2003. Grenier made his debut as a referee, and Hogan never got the chance to punish him one on one. I don't consider it to be along the same lines as the '97 Survivor Series or Breaking Point, as no submission holds were involved.

    As long as the people of Montreal, the marks especially, hold a long-term grudge, McMahon, in his lack of wisdom, will hold one as well, though for the sake of good business it would be wise to finally put it to rest.

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