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Karine's Thoughts

To buy or not to buy...

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Alright so, I'm a player collector, Roy, Price and Brodeur these are the guys I collect. When I buy a box, they are the ones I am after. Why then do I not just buy their singles on eBay and make sure I get exactly what I want? Well, I can only see one reason...I'm ashamed but I have to admit it...I am addicted to busting boxes.

A box seller we all know very well is currently looking through his books for the last year and he mentioned how much I spent in 2008 and well let's just say that if I put that money on singles rather than boxes, my display frames could be a lot more impressive.

If I had one ounce of logic, this is what I would do but I just cant...its not just the busting addiction but I think it's also a trading one. It's fun to get a box and think who will be interested in your latest pull. For instance, I got a Kopitar 2/5 in a box of artifacts and I just knew CSSports would want that one, I got the Sens in the trilogy box break and before the break even happened, i knew that I would trade some cards to Chris. Got two Del Zotto autos in my Ultimate 8 break, now who else but Jeff a devoted Rangers fan could be a trading partner for those ones? I think it's nice that whenever I bust something, I generally know who will need the pieces of puzzle I have just found...

The good thing is, some people appear to feel the same way about me too...They break a box and they send me a PM if they pull a Roy, a Brodeur or a Price. How nice is that? I just love how easy trading is on SCF, you dont even need to look for the cards!

To all my trading partners, thanksfor the great deals and I am glad to have so many friends on SCF!



  1. quiet-things's Avatar
    I'd be scared to hear how much I spent in 2008!

    I agree Karine, it's such an addiction. I've got some unopened boxes in my room that keep staring at me... but I have to resist!!
  2. johan29lhp's Avatar
    yeh, you certainly arent the only one with this addiction!
  3. Enigma's Avatar
    Yeah...there's too much enjoyment out of opening a box...the anticipation and excitement...

    Oh, and I know how QT feels about seeing boxes sitting there you can't bust...

    On and K, don't feel bad about what you spent...I spent over 6 figures on boxes last year... :)
  4. Captngeetch's Avatar
    You just keep busting those boxes K. You get the ones I need and I never seem to get myself !! It's a sitewide addiction I think..Tony is just the dealer...the pusherman. He's got the candy and you've got the sweet tooth..and he whispers in your ear.."..Come get the good stuff.." LOL. Now QT is gonna pimp her wares to Canadian members...another pusher on the SCF streets..ok, now here come the DT's....I need a fix...
  5. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Over 6 figures? OMG you are crazy lol

    maybe we need a SCF rehab centre...

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