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Karine's Thoughts

Throwing in the Towel?

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Being thinking about this for a while...I collect 3 players, it started with Roy when I was a kid, then it stopped for years before starting again with a vengeance in 2006. Then I thought; Roy is my definite favorite but I do also like Brodeur...and so another collection began...

Shortly after, I realized that the Habs had yet another great goalie and decided to collect him too. So there we are...3 PC and an impressive number of cards to chase after each year...Now, I'm starting to think perhaps I should limit myself to 2 instead of 3 but who should I drop...

Anyone care to give me advice and their reasoning?

Thoughts Opinions


  1. quiet-things's Avatar
    If I were you, Roy would be a definitely keeper. Looks like you're most dedicated to him.

    Now the conundrum is Brodeur or Price.. while Brodeur is already proven, Price is still on the fence (imo... only it's his second season!). So that's tough... but if I were you I would stick with Price because he is a Hab... although you might want to take $$ into consideration? Who is more expensive? Price or Brodeur?
  2. Enigma's Avatar

    Being the Habs fan you are, you will probably hear a great amount of people say Brodeur...but I disagree. I would say to drop Price. Here's why:

    1. Roy and Brodeur will go down as two of the greatest goalies of all-time in NHL history. The verdict is still out on Price (though has had a great start).

    2. Roy and Brodeur cards will stay in the same value range here on out. Price is sure to go up making in harder to put the money into his collection if he continues on this path.

    3. You grew up watching Roy as a kid and progress in you late teens to Brodeur. Price is here and now and doesn't have the same nostalgic factor that Patty and Marty have with you.

  3. Captngeetch's Avatar
    Considering the Roy collection you have already...and the limited number of new stuff with him on it...I think you can continue on with Carey and Marty as your main focus...grabbing the Roy's in trades or pulls when they present themselves. JMHO
  4. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Ummm 3 replies...3 different opinions...how very tricky...
  5. Orfew's Avatar
    It is up to you of course, but I would stick with Roy and drop Price for similar reasons to others who have responded. Brodeur is a classic and will probably be collected by people for some time to come. I think you have an iconic relationship with Roy. He brings back memories and represents growing up.

    You do not have to make the decision immediately either. You might start off by deciding what Roy cards to focus on. You might want to trade off some Price and Brodeur and concentrate on a few really good cards of each price and brodeur and then use the proceeeds to get the Roy cards. You might find that you miss the other cards, so you can always trade for them from your breaks. In the meantime the roy collection grows and you might determine what focus is most important to you.

    Personally I like it when collections grow and change over time. There will always be core cards for me, but as my interests shift I sometimes go after cards that are interesting or catch my attention.

    Just my opinion
  6. Inferno's Avatar
    It if were me Karine, I would choose Patrick Roy. Like mentioned above, Price is not proven and for all we know could tank any day. Brodeur is a great goalie too and will surpass Roy's records, but you are a Habs fan and Roy was the face of the franchise for years. As much as I like Brodeur, I would choose Roy over him regardless of whether or not the records get broken. There's just something about Roy, he was fiery and passionate while Brodeur is quiet.
  7. scottkoz20's Avatar
    Something that one has to think about is how much a collection is going to cost to obtain it. Looking at it from that perspective only, I would stick with Roy and Brodeur. They both have cards that are being produced, and their cost is fairly moderate.

    Price is a different issue. Obtaining anything of his at this point is simply tough because most Hab fans and collectors want his stuff, which of course drives up the "price".

    For cost reasons alone, Price is the "odd" man out

    Now, one other question to ask yourself, what is the difference between Roy, Brodeur and Price? (Think about yourself for a moment and the answer is clear)

    Roy and Brodeur are the clear choices
  8. geschrocks33's Avatar
    I think that you should stick with Roy and Brodeur, as they have proven themselves as historic goalies, and Price could still possibly have a bust career. You never know because he is only in his second season, and you could always continue that PC sometime in the future. But Roy and Brodeur are quite possibly the 2 greatest goalies of all time, so i would continue to collect those 2.
  9. wolf1bh's Avatar
    for me its easier and more fun to see the cards of people actually playing. brodeur is 37 so he may only have 2 or 3 years left. if you dropped price you would have not much to look forward too. i would put patty on hold. focus on the other two a few years. by the time brodeur retires you should know wether carey is gonna be a great or a flash in the pan. then you can either stick with him, go back to patty, or find someone else.
  10. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Right...well so far from the comments I think i've established there is no way Roy is heading for the drop...so the question is; go french-canadian all the way and stay faithful to Marty or place a bet on the future and try Price?
  11. Inferno's Avatar
    Marty is established, I say him and Roy if you're picking two. Price has value right now, he can get you a bunch of PC cards.
  12. dymmig89's Avatar
    I would drop Price, Roy and Brodeur you have a lot of already and there value will only go up. If you were to need money one day brodeur and roy will yield the most dollars. You can have a more complete roy and brodeur collection as well because there will be less brodeur cards coming out once he retires. (I could be mistake on that). I am also NJ biased.
  13. mikpaq77's Avatar
    I'd keep Roy and Brodeur...both have established themselves as top goalies, values will stay high, cards will continue to be produced for years to come keeping the chase fun and interesting (and expensive!), you can get a lot for your Price collection as he has a strong following and you'll save time by focusing on two people.
  14. CoolHandLuke's Avatar
    Keep Roy and Brodeur and then trade the Carey Price to me, how is that!

    Seriously I think that collecting a active player does have some fun in it. They won't slow downw on Roy and Brodeur so money wise the 3 are expensive so either one does nto change much in the deicision on the finance side. Price does sell well and might be easier to unload. You always seem more ecited to get brodeur then price so I would suggest to keep Roy and Brodeur but Price is a good choice too even if his young, I like the fact I collect him while he write the history. Could go sour but fun non the less.
  15. Enigma's Avatar
    How about this K...I'll collect Carey for you and ship you all the Patty and Marty cards I get... That will also satisfy the other wife's request... lol
  16. Supercarlover's Avatar
    *purely selfish post forthcoming.....*

    Drop Roy so I can snag that 07/08 The Cup Signature Patch card from you. :-D

    Nah....I have nothing more to add. Best of luck in your decision!

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