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Sports Card Forum - A Sports Card Community FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Section 4.01 Thread Hijacking/Trolling:

Hijacking a thread is considered taking over a thread that you did not originally create and posting something that has nothing to do with its actual subject matter. Examples are trying to sell or trade cards in a thread where the original thread starter is doing the same or jumping in a thread to elicit information about an item that was not mentioned by the thread starter. To remedy this, simply create a new thread. Trolling is considered making comments in someone’s thread in provocation to create emotional distress towards other people or picking a fight.

Section 4.02 Bumping:

Members may not bump their own thread more than once in an 8-hour period and only if it's NOT on page 1. Exception is the Card Cash forums as they are slow in activity. Bumping is considered any post that is not in response to a previous post. This includes items such as “ttt”, “bump”, “list updated”, etc. Please note that this rule applies to the trading and buying/selling forums.

Posting on a thread in the effort to help another members thread stay at or near the top of a forum, otherwise known as “friendly bumping” is not allowed. Friendly bumps constitutes a post that has nothing to do with the thread topic or just a blatant post, staff will use their discretion when determining “friendly bumping”.

Section 4.03 Prices Required In Selling Forums ( Includes Card Cash Forums )

Pricing is required when posting your cards in the selling forums across every sport including the CC (card cash) forums. If you have pictures or lists in the tread each card/lot needs a price. If you are posting your bucket hosted off site for sale then pricing will need to be done on those pictures in your bucket. You may find it easier to use SCF's inventory manager to host your pictures and pricing.

Section 4.04 Asking for Book Values:

Posting a thread for the purpose of having someone give or look up a book value on an item is prohibited (copyright infringement). If you are in trade talks, book values can be used and posted as long as the source is not cited.

Section 4.05 Combining Posts/Threads:

When posting on the forums please combine threads where you can. This will help keep other members threads on the first page longer. In regards to the trading and buy/sell forums Non VIP Members can have 4 threads on the first page and may bump after 24 hours have passed. VIP Members may have 6 threads on the first page and may bump after 12 hours.

Section 4.06 Member Run Contests:

If you are giving away free cards in the aspect of "first x amount of members to post" get a a free card(s) then you DO NOT need approval. Any member who wants to run a contest that pits member against member such as but not limited to guess the final score, guess the serial #, etc. must contact scottkoz20 or patriotsguy.

If a contest is being run by an affiliate or an advertiser then you must get permission from patriotsguy

Section 4.07 Personal Information:

Please do not post any trader information such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, feedback, content from email or private messages (PM) directly on the forums. This is private information.

Section 4.082 Gambling:

There is no gambling of any kind on SCF including fantasy sports leagues, betting cards, betting card cash, or anything that has value.

Section 4.09 SCF Discretion:

SCF Staff members reserve the right to close or delete any post or thread that may be deemed unacceptable or improper for this website.

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