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Sports Card Forum - A Sports Card Community FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Article I. Trading/Selling:

SCF prides itself on its daily traders and will continue to do so as we have certain expectations that keep our members coming back every day.

Article III. Account Information:

As part of membership on SCF, applicants are expected to fill out a profile to reflect their full legal name, full mailing address and phone number. This information is only viewable to the individual member and SCF staff. However, trade partners will be able to view the full name and address only, within the SCF Trade Manager. Phone numbers are only viewable by SCF staff.

Failure to comply will affect member status on SCF. Non conforming member profiles will automatically be tagged with a “No Buy/Sell/Trade” Tag until SCF has the full legal and correct information.

Other than deals posted in the trade manager members information is not disclosed to anyone. The only case SCF will release members information is to the proper authorities.

Article VII. Language:

The use of foul or hostile language posted on SCF will not be tolerated. This includes any derogatory statements and profanity.

All members have the right to their own ideas, beliefs and faiths. Members have the right to express these on SCF with equal respect and consideration if they are not disruptive.

Article VIII. Private Message System:

The SCF PM system is to be used for one-on-one contact. We do not allow “Member’s Name, Come Here!” type threads. That’s why we have a PM system.

Members are expected to conduct themselves in the same manner in a PM as on the boards. If you are having issues reaching a member by PM and it is of an urgent matter such as a trade issue, contact a staff member to assist you.

Article IX. Advertising and Spam:

We do not allow spamming of other sites on SCF, unless they are in our network of sites. Our network of sites includes Trader Retreat, and Non Sports Card Forum. If you are not linking to those sites, then it is considered spam.

Article X. Copyright Infringement:

Copyright infringement is illegal. SCF will respect the law. Please do not post items, images, etc. that contain blatant copyright infringements. SCF reserves the right to remove or limit the use of any such items from posts, banners, etc.

Article XI. Signatures and User Names:

Please keep signatures limited to no more than 5 lines. Please keep your font size to a size “3″ or smaller. If you want something larger than that, create a banner.

Article XII. Avatars/Pictures:

Images, material or links to images and or material whether real, satirical or implied depicting obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, or threatening in nature are not permitted anywhere on SCF. This includes Gifs or cartoons.

The standard is benchwarmers, if images depicting woman and/or men would be less than what is on a benchwarmer card, then don't use that image. The SCF staff has discretion in judging which avatars/pictures do not comply with these rules.

Article XIV. Infraction System:

SCF has an infraction system. It consists of the following:

(a) 5 Points = 3 day suspension
(b) 10 points = 7 day suspension
(c) 15 point = Ban

EFFECTIVE May 01, 2013 SCF has implemented a new suspension program. If you have an accumulation of points on your account and you are given a 3 point infraction or lower where those points would normally permanently ban your account, we will change that practice to the following suspension tier:

(a) First offense 1 month suspension.
(b) Second offense 3 month suspension.
(c) Third offense 6 month suspension.
(d) After your third offense any infraction given to you will permanently ban your account and will not be reviewed for appeal.

All members can use the “contact us” button at the button of SCF to send admin an email while suspended.

Article XV. Bad Trader List:

SCF Bad Trader List is maintained by the SCF General Manager. Members who do not want to be on the list, should keep their account in good standing at all times.

Members who want to be removed from the list will need to rectify all outstanding issues. Contact the General Manager for information.

Article XVI. Contact Us/Report Issues:

We have an open door policy at SCF. Members can reach SCF Staff at anytime with questions, suggestions, complaints, etc., via the PM system, or the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page.

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