Western New York and Southern Ontario Collectors

  1. scottkoz20
    Welcome to the Buffalo/Niagara and GTA group.
  2. scottkoz20
    My hope is that when I can get a green light on local trade nights, i'll post it in here, along with other events in the area.
  3. Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak
    Good idea Scott...i tried setting something like this up but never followed through lol. Still think it would be awesome to set up a "trade group" of sorts and do some in person trades/box breaks
  4. TMacfreak91
    I'd definitely be interested in some sort of box break.
  5. geschrocks33
    I agree, we should definitely do that
  6. scottkoz20
    i'm not opposed to doing something locally. It's just a matter of a time, place, etc.

    BTW - There is a Card Show tomorrow night (12/10). I need to find the details.
  7. troyer16
    hey all
  8. scottkoz20
    Welcome, welcome
    hey guys
  10. scottkoz20
    This group is growing a bit... very nice
  11. Stlouisrams1600
    I was born in Buffalo,and I'm Visiting Buffalo this Christmas!
  12. Habs fan Ontario
    New to the group i live in Trenton Ontario straight north of Rochester NY
  13. Fisk-Factor75
    There is a show in Wheatfield/Sanborn the 2nd Wednesday every month Sept-May. Only about 10-15 dealers but there is good bargain stuff to be found. I got details so LMK if anybody wants more info. I knw the guy who runs the show.
    I would definatly be interested in a trade night if there was one......
  14. geschrocks33
    i would want more info, pm me with the info, or post it here
  15. scottkoz20
    The next wheatfield/sanborn show is 1/14. Fisk, i'll send you a PM.
  16. scottkoz20
    Info on the show

    Jan 14 and Feb 11

    American Legion Post
    6525 Ward Rd.
    Sanborn NY


    Free Admission
  17. geschrocks33
    thanks for the info. also anyone who might be interested in getting in person autographs, tomorrow, 12/16 at
    Delacy Ford
    3061 Transit Road
    Elma, NY, 14059
    there will be Jason Pominville and Patrick Kaleta from the Sabres along with Derrick Dockery, George Wilson, and Ryan Denney of the Bills according to their website
  18. TMacfreak91
    Man I can't wait for that show! I've never actually gone to a show so that should be awesome!
  19. Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak
    January 14th sounds like a great time for a trade night. Ill be there so anyone else who wants to meet up with me, Joe Dorsey aka jmdorsey and my bro aka "gunnarstahl9" just let me know...

    P.S. the 14th is the day before my 21st B-day so I'll be expecting some gifts people :) lol
  20. TMacfreak91
    Both myself and geschrocks33 should be there also.

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