Western New York and Southern Ontario Collectors

  1. geschrocks33
    By the way, how much did you pay for the Ultimate Achievments auto you bought at the flea market with me? There's a Stastny on ebay I want to know if its a good deal

    Steve you would sit there waiting for 1,000th post
  2. TMacfreak91
    And for the record, yes, I was waiting for someone to be post 999 lol

    I win! lol
  3. TMacfreak91
    Oh and Derrick, you would edit your post after realizing that you werent post number 1,000 lol
  4. geschrocks33
    I'm sorry that I wasn't sitting waiting for the exact moment to post
  5. TMacfreak91
    lol you were but you were gonna cheat and post back-to-back lol
  6. geschrocks33
    Well I did need to ask Scott that question but at the rate were going he's not even gonna see it lol
  7. TMacfreak91
    lol are we hitting the flea tomorrow or no?
  8. geschrocks33
    No just going to meet up with Scott on Sunday

    Assuming he gives me the info lol
  9. 24redsfan
    were supposed to use mapquest. directions stink!
  10. geschrocks33
    Scott could you please post some more info, like exact address, times, cost, etc about tomorrow

    And it'd be cool to hear who's all going to go :)
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